Packing for Italy: Why I am Taking These With Me

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Lately, Google has been my BFF. I've been asking Google everything from where to eat when in Rome to what type of bathing suit to wear on the beaches of Puglia. Because Wednesday, hubby and I are off to Italy to celebrate 20 blissful years of togetherness and 14 years of marriage!  Based on my … [Read more...]

Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom? + $500 Giveaway

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The first time I felt my mental health slip, was seven years ago. During a time when I was sending our sweet 4-year-old girl off to JK part-time. This life transition was one I was not prepared for. Our first-born was on her way towards independence. Thousands of questions and what ifs circled my … [Read more...]

A Journey To Find Yourself: Weight Loss, Happiness & The Reflection In The Mirror (Guest Post)

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

Today’s guest post is from my long time BFF Bobbi. We've been through a lot together; we even were pushing our first baby's out at the same hospital, the same day, next door to each other during the same time. She won. Bobbi is a mom of two boys; both play competitive rep sports that keep her on … [Read more...]

Water With Benifits: Karma Wellness Water Review @drinkkarma #drinkkarma

Karma Wellness Water Vitamins deteriorate in water

This past year I have been learning as I go about adding nutritional supplements to our diets and upping our vitamin in take as a family. It can be very overwhelming to absorb at times because there is so much knowledge to learn and lot's of do's and don'ts to take into consideration. I recently … [Read more...]

Keeping Healthy Together Naturally At Home #NaturallyAtHome

Orange Naturals Mom

Naturally Happens June is the month dedicated to fathers, but everyday should be father's day for those father's that effortlessly give their family all they got. Those father's that put their children and wife before their own needs. Everyday should be father's day for my husband. I do try my … [Read more...]

Date Night Happens or it Doesn’t #NaturallyAtHome with Orange Naturals

Prefect Date night in

It happens. Before Christmas hubby surprised me with a babysitter (his parents thank you) for an overnight sleep over for all four children. This was the first time in over 6 months we would have all four children spend the night away from us. All four! That really is a big deal in our house. He … [Read more...]

What is your Hearts age? #TreatYourHeart ‘The Heart Age Calculator’ featured at Shoppers Drug Mart

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Shoppers Drug Mart is offering the The Heart Age Calculator

Frighten Call It was a few years ago we got a call that has since changed my views and knowledge on heart health. Someone within our family had a heart attack. Life without this someone would be a tragedy. I will never forget my husband going on the 6 hour drive north to be on her side. The … [Read more...]

ATV for your Children’s Feet #ReebokATV19

Reebok ATV shoes for kids

As soon as I heard Reebok launched a new line of ATV19 footwear for kids I knew the boys would be excited. A shoe built for all terrain is just what our busy country boys need. I mentioned on here before the effects a new shoe has on the speed of a child. But when that new shoe has a chunky tread it … [Read more...]

Sweat It Off: Hooded Body Blazer { @zaggora Fashion & Fitness Review }

Zaggora Hooded Blazer

Last year I was introduced to a company that had my attention, my first Zaggora review was of their vivid Hot Pants, which I still love. This time around Zaggora sent me a few pieces to their new lines, which really impressed me. The reason I was intrigued by Zaggora because Zaggora's Hotwear … [Read more...]