A Journey To Find Yourself: Weight Loss, Happiness & The Reflection In The Mirror (Guest Post)

A Journey To Find Yourself: Weight Loss, Happiness & The Reflection In The Mirror (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post is from my long time BFF Bobbi. We’ve been through a lot together; we even were pushing our first baby’s out at the same hospital, the same day, next door to each other during the same time. She won.

Bobbi is a mom of two boys; both play competitive rep sports that keep her on her toes. Bobbi is extremely creative and one of the hardest working people I know. She loves DIY projects and is the queen of baking. When Bobbi puts her mind to something, she is unstoppable! Bobbi recently lost 35 lbs, but she received much more than weight loss, she transformed her life and found her passion. 

Be inspired by reading Bobbi’s story here:  

How to lose weight. 21 day fix.

Nine months ago I was lost. My youngest was going to school full time; my oldest was going into grade 4, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Yeah, I know how can a 35-year-old woman not know what she wanted to do. I get it!  I have been in mommy mode for over the last ten years. It was scary to think that both my kids were going to be in school full time. What was I going to do? 

I was a stay at home mom, we went to playgroups, spent our afternoons at the park. I was a mom; I didn’t even know how I would survive. Did I even know who Bobbi was without my kids home?

I was a mom; I had to be there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, to be the teacher, nurse, friend, entertainer! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a mom. I wouldn’t change that for the world. The hugs, kisses, the ‘I Love You Mom” even the screaming and kicking, I would take it all in a heartbeat.

Thing is we do lose pieces of ourselves throughout those years as a stay at home Moms. I knew I needed a change, was it going back to school, back to working full time? I had no idea, and I think that’s what scared me the most.

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

I applaud mamas that work full time then come home and work there too…I knew it just wouldn’t work for our family. My loving husband works on the road a lot, and I’m basically a single mom some weeks, months. The boys both play rep sports, which means we live at the arenas. I am a mini-van, hockey bag, lacrosse bag, equipment washing, cheering mom. That’s the part I absolutely LOVE. The thing is when my oldest was born my husband and me both said to each other there was no way our kids would play rep sports…those parents are crazy…lol and we are here!

So it’s finally time for me!

I’ve been struggling to lose all the baby weight I gained with each pregnancy. So I decided to take the month of August to dig deep and find what I was looking for. I always felt like I was meant for more, that there was a bigger purpose and plan for me. It wasn’t until I started my journey that I found it. To help inspire, motivate and encourage other women like me.

In September 2015 I started my journey with Beachbody to change my lifestyle, to eat healthier and to start exercising daily. With the boys being in school full time I finally had time to take care of me as I had been putting myself on the back burner for years. I wasn’t happy with the way my clothes were fitting, my moods, no energy, always tired and my complexion. I needed to find me again. I used to kill myself at the gym while my youngest was in daycare and had no results. So when I started my journey with the 21-day fix, I wasn’t sure if I believed the results. I just was out of options, and it was something new to try.  

The 21-day fix does work! It has impacted me in so many ways.

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

I have more energy now then I’ve ever had, my house is even cleaner.

My moods are not all over the place; I’m not losing my cool on my husband or the kids over spilled milk.

I’m stronger, confident and walk with my head high.

Eating clean and healthy has changed my body, my stomach problems are a thing of the past.

It all started by joining a challenge/accountability group where I got daily support, accountability, motivation, recipes, and tips. I have fallen in love with the support, 21-day fix, clean eating, and Shakeology. I wouldn’t have been able to go this far if it wasn’t for the other amazing, inspiring people in the group. These women made me get up every morning to workout and fuel my body properly. I’m not going to lie I haven’t eaten that much food in years; I was always just snacking on leftover the kids didn’t eat or the 100’s of goldfish I ate throughout the day. I didn’t eat breakfast but had a few coffees and a muffin or bagel if we went out for the day. I was starving my body for years, and I was so frustrated I could never lose my baby weight.

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

I was amazed by my results…. I’m down 35 lbs, many inches and seeing muscle definition. I can’t tell you enough how much Beachbody has changed my life. I’m now comfortable in my skin, I have energy, my moods are better, I’m now confident and jump out of bed with determination.

I even take second glances into the mirror when I walk past. I haven’t seen this girl in over 11 years! I’m still on my journey to the new me; some days are easier than others. I want to be happy, healthy and strong for my family and me.

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

I now found my calling, the place where I think I need to be. To help other moms and woman like myself who feel lost after having their babies, or transitioning from full-time mom to an empty house during the day. 

We all want to be healthy and confident in our skin. Why not surround yourself with women like yourself, women who lift each other up, that push you harder, that are there for you on the days that are hard.

“This journey has changed more than just my body it has changed my whole outlook on life and for that, I will always be internally grateful.”

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

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  • I think its wonderful how much you were able to loose, still feel motivated and have a support group. I think for a lot of people the biggest thing holding us back is the cost of good food, compared to the cost of junk food!!! I was recently over at my MIL and she had brought her husband along shopping, so when he grabbed a bag of cherries she did not realize he had not paid attention to price, and the cost was $14 for the bag. She said they weren’t even fresh!!!

  • I tried Nutrisystem diet a months ago and I can not say enough about it. This diet helped me lose my weight and it completely changed my life.

  • you have to keep telling yourself that it took (#years) to gain weight so it isn’t going to come off real quick

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