Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom?

Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom?

The first time I felt my mental health slip, was seven years ago. During a time when I was sending our sweet 4-year-old girl off to JK part-time. This life transition was one I was not prepared for. Our first-born was on her way towards independence. Thousands of questions and what ifs circled my mind as I dropped her off for her very first day of school. 

Is she too young to make her own choices? What would she do without me? How could I let her go? What if she needed me? Who will help her in the bathroom at school?

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Life Transitions

As a stay at home mom who put my focus 100% wholeheartedly on raising our children, I felt lostI felt like our daughter was being ripped from my arms. Although I still had her three little brothers at home to love, teach and hold, I felt helpless and very much alone.

As a result of my disbelief that our first-born was old enough to be attending kindergarten, I struggled mentally

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Consequently, all I had energy for was the bare minimum and sleep quickly became my new best friend. Unsure what was happening mentally to me, I searched for answers and prayed for relief. Talks with my Husband, my Doctor and a when I could squeeze in discussions with my life coach.

After much searching, I came to the conclusion that my mental instability wasn’t typical of me and that medication wasn’t required. I mentally fought through my mental struggle by arming myself with self-care, mind over matter, determination, and support.

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That doesn’t mean my mental health hasn’t slipped over the last seven years. Each school year when I was sending off another one of our children into JK, I felt that similar feeling taking over my mind again. The difference was, I was aware of my feelings and could quickly recognize the dip in my mood. 

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Last year, I sent off our last child into full-time JK. After ten years of being a stay at home mom to our four children, I knew this was going to be one of the hardest life transitions to date. 

Motherly intuition

Self-Care for Mom!

Although, I felt anxiety taking effect, cried many tears, lost another piece of my heart as our last went off to school full-time. I knew sending our last child off to school full-time was a life transition I needed to welcome. 

A life transition I could make or break. 

A life transition where I could focus on self-care for myself.

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Self-care is something us Mom’s place on the back burner. I know I have for many years.

“If I’ve learned anything throughout all the mental health hiccups I felt during motherhood; it is that to be the best you can be, you need to find time in your day to find self-care for yourself.”


Seven years ago when anxiety took over my mind and placed me into, at the time felt like an unbearable mental tailspin, I wish I had a tool like TranQool to conveniently help me talk through the feelings that were strangling me.

What is TranQool?  

  • TranQool is an online resource for moms to see accredited counselors from the comfort of home via secure video calls. 
  • The availabilities are flexible to fit your busy schedules. 
  • TranQool can help you with low mood, anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, eating disorders, low self-esteem, relationship problem, work related problems, concentration problems, social anxiety. All the mental health issues that pair with the latest life transition happening in your life right now.
  • TranQool is covered by all extended health insurances in Ontario.
  • For only $80 you will receive a 45-minute session with an experienced, accredited professional based on your needs.
  • TranQool is only in Ontario right now, but TranQool has big plans for expansion. 

How are you coping with your latest life transition? 

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This post is sponsored, although as always this is my story and my opinion.

53 thoughts on “Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom?”

  • Have been a stressful last 3 years my hubby has had cancer twice & still not able to go back to work, we are living on one income and trusting in God everyday to get us through each day! He is going through more testing again has he been sick again for the last 6 month. I love him dearly….it’s been very hard not to cry in front of him…

    • Oh Julie-Lynne I am so sorry to read your pain. I love that you are trusting in God. He’s helped me many of times. I pray that health will be on your husband’s side. XO

  • Big life transition is my Dad just passe away in November after a 2 year battle with 3 cancers. I stayed by his side to help care for him in his end of life days putting aside my personal life and putting everything else on the abck burner as my Dad was my priority. Now I am helping do fix ups on my Mom’s house as she has to sell our childhood home because it is too much for her to do on her own. And if that wasn’t enough my daughter just started college this year. She suffers from anxiety and adhd and went through a real hard 2 years that made life very difficult to watch as a mom, feeling lost because I could not do anything to help her. She has now in a good place and on her way, but relies on me for a lot of things, which I gladly do, but it leaves little time for me.

  • Without going into too much detail, I am going to a massive career change and beginning to wonder if I will ever find my dream job. It is SO HARD and the thoughts consume me daily!!

  • My life at the moment is one big transition, after being catastrophically injured a car accident 2 and a half yrs ago, I am finally getting answers as to everything, but now on to the treatment, and figuring out a new way to live

  • My biggest transition was definitely moving to a different city 2 hours away from all of my family and friends and support system knowing nobody here but doing it to make a better life for my children. It definitely hasn’t been easy and it’s taking awhile to get used to

  • I am turning 50 next year and approaching menopause. This is going to be a big change and I am not sure I am prepared for it. I believe I am already beginning perimenopause because I am already having some mild symptoms including anxiety.

  • This tool sounds incredible! I love how easy it is because you can use it from home. I love how it is targeted for Moms as well. You don’t hear that very often.
    Seeing my kids change schools this September was a big transition. I did my best to be there with them as much as I could and it felt great to hold their hands when they needed it and leave them to it when needed. My oldest is 6 and needing me less and less and that will always be probably the most difficult transition for me!

    • Yes! Jessica, as a fellow Mom I feel like TranQool is targeted directly at us. So many life transitions in our everyday as parents. Hoping you find the answers you need. Good luck to your boys!

  • Every day is a transition as the girls move more towards independence and before we know it flying the coop! In our family right now, my older daughter with Selective Mutism is finally starting to find her voice and I’ll have to allow her to learn to advocate for herself – something she hasn’t been able to do ever. So much of her school life (she’s in grade 5) I’ve had to fight for her and stand up for her to ensure she’s getting the best education she can and not just being pushed along…what will I do with all my spare time not going to school, on phone calls and taking her to therapy?? While we’re just at the beginning stages, it’ll come sooner than we think and while I’m super proud of her it also leaves a feeling of loss – loss of my baby girl that needs her mom all the time.

    • Those are tough life transitions, Nancy! My Mom’s always been an advocate for my little sister with special needs, I’ve seen first hand how tough of a job that is today. I want to take a moment and say how amazing you are for fighting for her, and being her rock. She is blessed to have you as a Mother.

  • My biggest life transition was when my youngest flew out East to live for a year of training.I felt lost and cried all the way back home from the airport.I never could have imagined the empty nest syndrome would get me like that!It actually took a lot out of me to readjust.Thankfully I can laugh about it now.

  • My life transition was beating breast cancer while going threw MENTAL PAUSE. Who came up with menopause? Really call it what it is. LOL

    • Kaley, I am so sorry to read this. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling. Talking it out will help and I am confident TranQool has a therapist that specializes in the life transition you are dealing with. Know you are not alone!

  • When my firstborn started school, it was stressful for me because I was in school also, & he had to be walked with the daycare to get to school & I felt bad because I wanted to walk him. I am now enjoying walking my 10yr old to school but he doesn’t want me to anymore, he says he s to big for mommy to walk him. so now he walks by himself. but I miss walking him to school

  • Wow, it makes it easier to find someone to talk to rather then going to your Dr to get an appt months down the road for actual therapist that you have to work out other issues like babysitting to go see.

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes TranQool was designed to make access to therapists easier. Even the therapist’s availabilities are super flexible.

      Let us know if you have any more questions (

  • Starting a new business, adjusting after my Mom passing from Cancer, relocating my Dad to live close to me. There has been a lot.

  • Being a single mother again out of the blue after my oldest was already grown . He 16 almost 17 when I had the surprise new little one. Now facing anxiety and panic again . Am a a place in my life where life went backwards not forwards so deal with loneliness and isolation as a result

  • I couldn’t handle the transition from being a stay at home mom to having to return to work, even with returning to work part-time. Each year I struggle with returning to work a bit more than the year before, as I have increased to full-time. I struggle with having less time with my children and the feelings of not being the BEST mom and the BEST teacher that I want to be or could be with more time. It is hard to watch my children also struggle with having less time with mom too. I wish that I didn’t need to work or work full-time.

  • I really like how this system works, the privacy provided, and cognitive training by accredited counsellors, as well as the affordability.

  • I am returning to full time work this September as my son starts Kindergarten. I am ready to pack my bags and run away to the airport together!

  • I cried with each 1st day of JK with each of my kids. So emotional.
    And even now (past JK years) I still struggle with anxiety when it comes to new changes and transitions. TranQool sounds like something I should look into for myself.

  • I am a mom of 2 and my daughter who is turning 4 on the 18th is off to JK. My last baby is off to school and I am feeling pretty emotional about it. My son is also going into Grade 2 and for some reason I am finding this year hard. I am also a student entering my last year so this will be an exciting year.

  • This is interesting. I have never heard of it actually. I understand this though. I was so excited but I think that as soon as I saw another Mom I knew who knew what I was feeling and she blurted – OH MY Goodness it’s her first day of school, then I started the UGLY cry for sure. That shocked the hell out of me because I didn’t see it coming. This products sounds interesting. I would like more information.

    • That ugly cry gets me every single year! I like my nest filled and when my birdies start to fly, I start to panic. Paula, later this month I will be hosting a review of TranQool. Stay tuned!

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