Tackling #15MinReno’s Before The Guests Arrive! + #PGmom Giveaway

Before and After using Magic Eraser

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. Fall is when my husband and I started to date 19 years ago (yes, I said 19). Fall is also the time of year we sealed our love with marriage, we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary. The scent of apples, cloves, cinnamon and the taste of pumpkin, … [Read more...]

Visit Canadian Tire Hockey Truck At #MapleLeafs Home Opener! #CTHockeyTruck

Canadina Tire Hockey Truck

Hockey! That one single word says so much about who we are to be Canadian. Hockey runs through our veins and is wired into our DNA as Canadians. You've either played hockey on a team or a quick pickup game of shinny in your youth. I have never met a Canadian who hasn't caught a game on a Saturday … [Read more...]

These Leaders Will Rock Our World: We Day Toronto

We Day Toronto 2015

Each year, I have watched the highlights of We Day from the sidelines, dreaming that one day I would get the chance to feel the inspiration from inside the stadium sized event with my daughter. You cannot buy a ticket to We Day, you earn it through programs like We School. We Schools is a movement … [Read more...]

Being Local For The Day! Best Western Belleville Review #BayOfQuinte

Best Western Hotel in Belleville review

On our travels to the Bay of Quinte recently, we thought why not make this one day road trip a two day adventure? We were lucky to secure an overnight stay at the beautiful Best Western Belleville on North Front Street. When we arrived the parking lot was very busy and tight to maneuver.  Quickly, … [Read more...]

My Dream Come True! Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto #DisneySMMC

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto

Brand Dream List When I first started to blog I had a mental list of brands I dreamed of working with. Brands like; Pampers, Sears, Vtech, Ford, Nikon to name a few were crossed off my list a few years in. There was one Brand on my mental list that was so exclusive, I wasn't sure this dream was … [Read more...]

Quick Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe + #ONatural Giveaway

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe, Treating Colds with wildcrafted herbs

The other day I woke up all congested with a sore throat. I blame it on the kids because we all know that when back-to-school starts they bring nasty little germs into our homes. I wasn't the only one who was affected by this new little germ clinging on. My daughter also woke up feeling like a … [Read more...]

Mindful Reminder Only A Glance Away: Posterjack Gallery Box + #12PrintsProject Contest

#12PrintsProject Feeding the fish

Over the course of the next 4 months follow hashtag #12PrintsProject for social shares from seven Canadian parenting, design, and lifestyle bloggers – one being moi! Each of us have been posting photographs that speak to our heart and tell a story behind the print.  Which will be printed by Canada’s … [Read more...]

Your Next Pizza Is Free! Whose Day Would You Like To Make #BetterWithPizza?

Better With Pizza, Free Pizza Codes

Did you know? From September 3, 2015 through November 1, 2015 when you spend $9.99 or more at Pizza Pizza using Visa Checkout to pay, you will automatically receive a free pizza code to use on your next order (details here).  Last night, I took advantage of knowing about Pizza Pizza's free … [Read more...]

Grilled Corn, Nectarine & Quinoa Salad Recipe + Join The Post-Summer Detox Challenge!

Grilled Corn, Nectarine & Quinoa Salad, eggfree potluck, vegetarian potluck dish, Vegan lunch, Vegan dinner, Vegan

You can choose to intake processed foods and feel sluggish or choose to eat clean and feel awesome. The choice is yours. This summer I did try to find a balance between the two. You won't find Hamburger Helper in my home but you would have found me indulging on chip truck french fries this summer on … [Read more...]

The Change Starts With YOU! Take Part In Rediscover Nature Day On 09/20 + Giveaway

In R Dream Banff

For our family playing outside is a huge part of our everyday. We live in the country on 4 beautiful acres and it would be a crime not to enjoy nature in our own backyard. Here Is Our Favourite Way to Discover Nature EVERYWHERE! I know the summer is the optimum time to enjoy your time … [Read more...]