Splash Into Spring With TOMS Bags & These Cute Wedges + Give Back!

TOMS One For One. Buy one bag, a safe birth get giving to a mother in need.

You know TOMS is famous for being a One for One company. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, TOMS provides a new pair of shoes to children in need. But did you know they took their big idea a little further? For every TOMS bags purchased, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby … [Read more...]

Always Ending Up In The Mud! + #PGmom Giveaway

Always ending up in the mud. Removing mud from clothes. Mud and kids

Spring has sprung and that means the kids are always ending up in the mud! Have you heard the country song "Mud" from The Road Hammers? Back In The Old Days It actually takes me back to our teen years when hubby and I did a lot of off-roading in his Blazer. Each weekend we were playing in the … [Read more...]

After School Power-Ups: Peanut Butter Snack Bites *No Bake Recipe* #MyKPBsnackbite + Contest

After School Power-up Peanut Butter Snack Bites, After school treats, Quick kids snacks, Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites

When I was a little girl I remember each lunch containing my PB & J sandwich. There was not a day that went by where I had my perfectly cut on a diagonal peanut butter and jam sandwich with me. They just paired so well in my lunch and nothing sticks better together than peanut butter and jam, it … [Read more...]

Do you have the 3 P’s? #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 04/21

Buying your first home #RBCFirstHome

Our First Home We bought our first home when I was 18 and my hubby was 21, it was very bitter-sweet. Learning how to run a house at such a young age was a challenge and there were definitely moments we kicked back in excitement and did this. -> We lived in our first home for 10 years, we did … [Read more...]

Eliminate the words “I am Bored!” More Boredom Busters Book Review

More Boredom Busters Kids making Pirate maps, How to make pirate maps. Parents Club

As important as learning your ABC's is to a child, so is them learning to use their imagination. For more than the memories that they imprint on our heart and their own hearts. But for their growth and brain development during the most crucial time in their development. I personally feel that screen … [Read more...]

Let Their Imagination Run Wild #PlayAdvocate + Giveaway

2015 Little People® Animal Friends Farm

Examples of Imaginative Play This morning I was reading a book to little O and the characters in the story were using their full imagination. They were pirates and their ship was the picnic table, they made a sail out of a stick and some clothes and an anchor out of more sticks. It looked rather … [Read more...]

Tips for a Great Smile and Healthy Mouth

Oral Health Month, Tips to a healthy smile,

By the time I was a teenager every single molar in my mouth was filled with a silver filling. However I remember as a child going to the dentist like clockwork for checkups and cleanings but I was always told my teeth were soft. Or perhaps it was due to poor brushing as a child? Today, the inside of … [Read more...]

Stopping Time With A Metal Print #12PrintsProject

Posterjack #12PrintProject, ripley aquariums Canada, Metal Prints, Canadian Print Experts,

Over the course of the next 12 months follow hashtag #12PrintsProject for social shares from seven Canadian parenting, design, and lifestyle bloggers – one being moi! Each of us will be posting 12 photographs that speak to our heart and tell a story behind the print.  Which will be printed by … [Read more...]

Young Canadians Join the Energizer Journey Campaign #TransformingInnovation

Making a Scribbling Robot at the Ontario Science Center as part of Our Journey Campaign for young innovators. energizer Canada

Our children absolutely love Science, everything about it fascinates them. They cannot get enough of the documentaries we watch on TV or the hands on experiments they try. Our daughter especially loves Science. As long as I can remember she has been talking about becoming a Scientist. She is a … [Read more...]

Adding Bounce To My Stride: ECCO Damara Bootie Review

ECCO Damara Bootie Review, Canadian Fashion Blogger, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger Review

It wasn't till a few years back I realized the importance of what I should be putting on my feet. Before then I was wearing box store footwear and you'd even catch me in dollar store flip flops all summer long. I'd be home all day as a stay at home mom in my bare feet walking around inside and … [Read more...]