Pictures From The Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2014: Our Barbie Princess #TOSanta

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2014 Barbie Float Barbie Princess

This year I shared a huge excitement with you in my earlier post Our Princess is Riding A Float In This Years Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2014 that day has come and gone and on my Facebook page promised my loyal readers some pictures from the day. Drop Off Before The Toronto Santa Claus … [Read more...]

VEX Robotics Strandbeast: Kids Nice List Gift Idea

2014 gift guide, Toy Review, Nice list gifts

Back In The Day I remember being a little girl and we would watch the show the Jetsons, it was one of my favorites. It was so outer space to have a robots roam the city and drive in flying cars. I would day-dream about when I grew up, would we have flying cars? Would robot maids wait on us? Would … [Read more...]

Attention Teachers & Parents! FREE Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program + Giveaway

Attention Teachers & Parents! FREE Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program + Giveaway

With Pride Last week we received the kid’s report cards and with great anticipation we read them together. I was happy to look over and see the smiles they were wearing on their face, they were proud to show mommy and daddy just how hard they have been working these past few months. Learning is fun … [Read more...]

When Sugar Becomes The Enemy: Sugar-Free Creamy Frozen Banana Whip Recipe #ONatural


The secret I have been keeping I was hoping to wait till the New Year to share a tidbit of what's been going on within the walls of our kitchen. For the most part you will have to wait to read the whole story, but when Orange Naturals asked me to write about sugar I knew I couldn't completely hold … [Read more...]

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review + Giveaway

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review

Today’s guest post is from my little sister Brandy. Since our youngest turned 3 it was time to bring on someone to take over baby reviews. Brandy is a mom of two; a busy boy toddler who keeps her on her feet and  a precious baby girl. Brandy currently is on maternity leave. She is a full-time … [Read more...]

Creamy Potato Chowder #CarnationSoups

Creamy Potato Chowder Soup Recipe with Carnation Evaporated Milk

Bowls This morning was the first morning my car was covered in a thick layer of frost that required an early start. It was another mild warning from Mother Nature that we are knee deep into fall and winter is on its way. This is exactly why our dinner table has been set with bowls instead of … [Read more...]

A Chance to WIN 24 Toys in One Hour – RVSP Fisher Price Twitter Party #fpwishlist

Fisher-Price #fpwishlist Twitter Party. Join us on Wednesday, November 19th at 8:00pm EST

Time Goes Quick When Your Having Fun! In the last two years our families have expanded by four babies. This was exciting for me because our fourth is 3.5 now and I have been donating the baby gear and this week I purged all the baby toys from the toy room. Which for me is extremely sad after … [Read more...]

Chating with Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘money-honey’ Gail Vaz-Oxlade + Giveaway #PGmom

Gail Vaz-Oxlade PGmom Blogger Event, Common Cents Day

Star Stuck Last month, I was invited to spend the morning with some of the Toronto P&Gmom bloggers and the opportunity to meet Gail Vaz-Oxlade. Little did I know Gail would actually be having lunch with us and sat directly across from me? Gail as you may recognize as the host of the Canadian … [Read more...]

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Shoppers Drug Mart + Contest

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Your Local Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopping Style Over the years, my Christmas shopping style has changed a bit. Before kids, I worked in retail. One of those retail jobs was at Shoppers Drug Mart. I had all my shopping done long before Christmas was on the minds of most. I would grab fragrances for the women in my life and plush … [Read more...]

Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Entertainment That Makes You Giggle #StreamTeam


I don't tend to think of myself or husband as funny people. We are very serious and it takes a whole lot of funny to make us chuckle. Not saying we are dull by all means we are far from dull. I will be honest here; we are thinkers and turning off our brains and settling into something funny doesn't … [Read more...]