Focused on Back to School Health: Orange Naturals New Kids Homeopathic line-up #ONatural

1-Orange Naturals Homeopathic line-up of products Review

As we are heading into cold season and a new year of school ahead of us I am already worrying about keeping those nasty bugs away from my family. You see with 3 children attending full-time school in September and 1 in preschool I know those little fingers of theirs will be passing bugs into their … [Read more...]

Five Photo Art Tips for Dorms: Canada’sPhoto Art Experts Posterjack

Personalize Small Space Dorms with Posterjack Canadian photo experts

If you’re a parent to college kids you have been preparing for their departure all summer. Stocking up on the essentials for their new dorm or apartment but have you remembered to fill their four walls with warmth and a special touch to give them a feeling of home and love? Personalize Your … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Again: Project Life | by Stampin’ Up Review & Giveaway

Project Life | by Stampin' Up

Nap Time Getaway The first scrapbook I ever completed was capturing the first year of Miss C's life. I documented her first everything in an old fashion scrapbook, with hand written notes, real pictures, stickers, little keepsakes. It was a hobby I fell in love with that first year well I was on … [Read more...]

Meeting Entrepreneur Barbie ® Plus Canadians Enter Barbie™ Business Bursary

Mattel Entrepreneur Barbie The Barbie™ Business Bursary

Dream It, To See It! I am a firm believer that if you dream it, work towards it, your dreams will come true. Hence my blog title In R Dream. Dreaming is something entrepreneurs do naturally. They may not call it dreaming, they may never consider it to be dreaming but in my opinion that is exactly … [Read more...]

Double Taking: Adventures of Netflix #StreamTeam

Childrens movie Tad: The Lost Explorer on Netflix

This summer is unlike any I can remember with much more rain than sunshine and cooler days than hot. Typically we don't watch much T.V during the rays of summer but this year on those wet and cold days I have been snuggling up with the kids and taking in adventures of Netflix. Along with filling the … [Read more...]

Family Summer Adventure: Blue Mountain Resort Ontario #BiggerBlue

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster Blue Mountain Village Resort

Summer Wonder Do you find the question everyone is asking these days is - How has your summer been? I enjoy hearing what my friends and family have been up to this summer. It is so inspiring and fresh to hear new ideas, adventures to add to our own personal bucket list. This summer we have been … [Read more...]

Donating Great Lengths Today: Girls With A Huge Heart

Donating Great Lengths Hair to Cancer

Today two little girlfriends who have been the best of friends since JK along with their little sister will be donating their long locks to give back to Cancer. The story is filled with powerful inspiration and the importance of positive influence between little girls and friendship. It all … [Read more...]

Weekend Pancakes Recipe: Michael Smith’s Family Meals

Michael Smith’s Family Meals Weekend Pancakes

Daddy Cooks Sunday Morning In our house we have a tradition every Sunday Daddy picks one of the kids and together they make Pancakes. When I say Pancakes I don't mean those box kind that are over stuffed with Gluten and no nutritional value, I mean made from scratch with yummy add-ons and always … [Read more...]

Back to School With Visa Debit Card & Joe Fresh #VisaBacktoSchool + Giveaway

Joe Fresh Visa Canada back to school

Shopping At Home The count down is on for the kids to head back to school, this means us moms are frantically running about writing lists, taking inventory and we have shopping on our minds. The only problem for me is shopping with four kids is a nightmare I am not willing to take on. When I plan … [Read more...]

Vtech InnoTAB 3 Baby Review + Giveaway (09/09)

Vtech Innotab 3 review

Today's guest post is from my little sister Brandy. Since our littlest turned 3 it was time to bring on someone to take over baby reviews. Brandy is expecting her second baby any day now and Jax her oldest is 16 months. I look forward to sharing Brandy's in-depth reviews and mama knowledge here on … [Read more...]