My Entry to *Make More Happen Contest* via @StaplesCanada #MakeMoreMakeover


Dear Staples, I was introduced to your Make More Happen Contest that is running on Twitter and seen this as the prefect opportunity to place my entry. My office is a muilt space room that most of the time has me evacuating to the dinning room table. This 9' x 10' room that's main purpose is to … [Read more...]

Spiced Apple Pie Ultimate Smoothie Recipe + $175 Giveaway #NaturalyAtHome

Spiced Apple Pie Ultimate Smoothie

If you have been following along my journey as an Orange Naturals Brand ambassador you would already know that I love starting my day with a smoothie. After doing so for many years, I will be the first to admit if you're not experimenting your probably getting bored with your frozen fruit mix and … [Read more...]

Parenting The Dolphin Way: Without Turning Into A Tiger {Book Review} @PenguinCanada @drshimikang

The Dolphin Way Shimi K Kang

It was many years ago when we took on parenting I remember we were in the middle of tantrums with a toddler and my father in law said something that has stuck since. Along with his personally advice he pointed us into the direction of books. He said "you are not the first to experience this, the … [Read more...]

Little Kaydance Story on Cerebral Palsy, Your VOTE Can Change Her Life #NMAM14 + P&G Beauty Giveaway $75

kaydance-lane-lindsay mobility awareness month

One of my favorite parts of social media and blogging is the chance to give back in many different ways. I am always looking for ways to inspire another, doing so gives me the greatest feeling inside. Changing a Life It was brought to my attention from a childhood friend of mine that a close … [Read more...]

Sphero Review: One Smart Robot Ball { #PTPAWinner }

Sphero 2.O PTPA winner

Modern Age Technology has come a long way the last few years. Heck it has come a long way since the days of Pac-Man and Atari I had as a child. Now a days children can be inspired by technology and it is no longer a bad thing to let them play with. In moderation of course. We keep control over how … [Read more...]

Galaxy S4 nüüd Case Review LifeProof { #PTPAwinner }

nuud for Galaxy S 4 - PTPA Winner

Right Hand These days smartphones are glued to the hips of more than your average business man or women, they are a must have for busy mom's too. If you asked me when I first got my smartphone many years ago if I would be so dependent on it I would have giggled and said no way. I had no clue that … [Read more...]

Celebrate Spring Time with Quick Bruschetta plus a creamy Kraft twist #MemorableMelts

Quick Fresh Bruschetta

It has been a long winter of comfort foods for dinner in our house. You know the rich and creamy kind of comfort foods that speaks to your soul. After 6 long months of bitter cold, I have been craving spring time and fresh veggies. I cannot wait to start gardening and get the seeds of my … [Read more...]

Space Between Your Dream { Inspirational Quote }

Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality.  If you can dream it, you can make it so.  - Belva Davis  Did you read this inspirational quote twice? The more I read it, and re-read it the more I love it. It is that space between the two that requires the … [Read more...]

Building Hot Wheels Ultimate Track #HWTrackBuilder + Two Contests

Building Hot Wheels Ultimate Track #HWTrackBuilder

Hardwired I will never forget the first time our oldest son Linc grabbed a car and started to vroom it. It was so natural and wasn't coached. After having a girl first it was a moment I will never forget. Six years later and two more boys, I have plainly seen that it is almost hardwired in a boys … [Read more...]

Never Learn Anything { Inspirational Quote }

Some will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon. - Thomas Blount There was a time in my life that a light bulb went off. It was the moment I realized I really know nothing in comparison to the incredible world outside my inner walls. Since that light bulb went off I … [Read more...]