Adults-Only Winter Getaway to Mont Tremblant – 72 Hours Without Kids

Adults-Only Winter Getaway to Mont Tremblant – 72 Hours Without Kids

Grab Your Partner and Go!

As parents we are always spending so much time running the children to extracurricular activities, knocking down our to-do list and getting lost in the daily routine. Sometimes we forget who we started this journey in life with. We are making 2017 about putting more focus on each other. And our first getaway in 2017 was to experience an adults-only winter getaway to Mont Tremblant!

Yes, that means leaving the kids with Nana (thanks, Mom) and putting our New Year’s Resolution of spending more couple time front and center. Parents, you know what I mean. When was the last time you forgot about your to-do list and honestly stopped talking about the kids?

Our Adults-Only Winter Getaway to Mont Tremblant

We asked friends of ours to join in, and our winter getaway was nothing less than perfection! Together we arrived bright and early at La Place St-Bernard right in the heart of Mont Tremblant’s Pedestrian village.


Tremblant’s pedestrian-only village feels like you’re off in Europe wandering through the cobblestone roads and cute boutiques. Still dressed in holiday’s finest my first impression of Mont-Tremblant quickly grabbed my heart. I remember repeating “I cannot wait to bring the kids back here. Are we in Canada still?

Warm The Soul With Ô Wok

After a quick check in we were famished and enjoyed a hardy lunch at Ô Wok.  Ô Wok offers up excellent Asian Thai and Chinese-inspired cuisine. 

Calamari is one of my favorite appetizers, and Ô Wok nailed them, they were moist and not chewy, but the Dumplings hands down were my favorite. I highly recommend trying the Pad Sew noodles or the Singapour noodles. Both dishes were full of delicate flavors that did a number on my taste buds.

1-#Tremblant Ô Wok lunch menu is very affordable comfort food in the heart of the Mont Tremblant village. Before you hit the slopes, I think it is important to fill your belly with hearty dishes that warm the soul. Ô Wok is tiny, so I highly recommend you make reservations, so you’re not disappointed.


Improve Your Technique

I conquered my fear and learned to ski later in life so before we confidently hit Mont Tremblant’s 96 ski trails with a summit of 2871 feet. I felt a ski lesson would be very beneficial for me and everyone else agree it wouldn’t hurt to tag along in a group ski lesson.

1-20170127_142137 “For the master, surrender means there are no experts. There are only learners.” ― George Leonard

Within the first 100 feet of watching us ski towards him, our Ski instructor John Atkinson had personalized suggestions to improve everyone’s skill. Even the guys who are very advanced in their abilities skied away with a personalized teaching that developed their confidence. John was extremely professional, and his attention to detail gave me the courage I needed to conquer a mountain compared to a hill fearlessly.

We had John for the reminder of the ski day, and we finished off the day on a Black Diamond. Guess what? I survived and felt damn good about conquering three straight hours of slopes.

03-DSC_6850 “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” –  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are We In Canada?

There is something magical about Tremblant in the winter. Lined with Snow Ghost, it seems like you are entering heaven on the way up the chair lift. After Nansen run (which is the longest Tremblant run totaling 6 km) the chairlift back up to the summit is your soul soothing reward for a job well done.

11-DSC_6928 There were a few times during our adult-only winter getaway I felt like we were no longer in Canada. How can this beauty rest so close to home and this is the first time I’ve discovered it? 5.5 hours from Kawartha Lakes, 2 hours from Ottawa and a short 1-hour flight with Porter Airlines from Toronto. Tremblant is within reach for all Ontarians to discover. 

Cold Winter Nights at Tremblant

With 665 acres of skiable terrain, it’s no wonder the slopes at Tremblant close before dark. Night skiing would be far too risky. Après-skiing we met up with a girlfriend for drinks. La Forge Bistro- Bar & Grill. Have you tried Duck Wings? A must have when at La Forge Bistro- Bar & Grill.

1-20170129_074015_001 If you’re interested in tube sliding it opens at 6 p.m. There is also ice skating next to the Chapel with free skate loan for those staying in the Mont Tremblant’s Pedestrian village. Since we’re hockey parents, we skipped ice skating, but it sure did look romantic.

1-20170127_203654 After drinks and a night time stroll through the pedestrian village, we ordered take-out thin-crusted pizza from Pizzeria. It paired perfectly with a few bottles of wine back in our room in front of a roaring fire.

First Tracks

Tremblant has a first tracks options. Starting at 7:30 a.m with your special ticket in hand you can hit the gondola for a ride to the summit to take advantage of the first tracks ski. Or you could sleep in since you don’t have kids waking you. But I highly suggest you don’t miss this golden opportunity to hit the slopes when the conditions are at their best. Cutting through fresh powder before anyone else does is every powder hogs dream.

Where to Now?

The best advice I can give you on your first ski trip to Mont-Tremblant is book an Info-Ski mountain guide. With 78.9 km of trails ahead of you having a free Info-Ski mountain guide show us around was the best part of our trip.

06-DSC_6902 Ted Gregory, was our mountain guide and he showed us the ins and outs of the Laurentians. He covered off history and secret slopes we would never have found without his guidance.

09-DSC_6910 We skied in backcountry slopes where grooming machines don’t fit and skied mountains where the powered wasn’t touched. Mid-day Ted Gregory took us to a secret spot to grab a hot chocolate and bowl of chili right in the middle of the mountain at Refuge du Trappeur. A must stop!

17-20170128_141246 There is no way we would have covered off as much ground as we did without the experience of our Info-Ski mountain guide. Having this free benefit available for everyone to use is something I would highly recommend you do. Next time we go back, I wouldn’t think twice about booking an Info-Ski mountain guide again.


Let’s Hit Casino Tremblant!

After a couple of pre-drinks in our room, we were all dressed up for an evening of fine dining and gambling. We snagged the free shuttle to the Casino in the pedestrian village.

Before our reservations at the Casino’s L’Altitude restaurant, we took a tour of the three-floor establishment. Lined with the elements of nature, Casino Tremblant warm invitation feels very laid back, yet classy lined with leather, wood, and twinkling lights.  1-20170128_183818 With 425 slot machines starting at 1 cent, 12 game tables, and one Texas Hold’Em poker table there is something for everyone to play. If you’re looking for free entertainment every weekend Casino Tremblant has entertainment for all to enjoy. Including this band, we enjoyed at The Lounge Saturday night. So happy we had 72 hours without kids so we could experience this adults-only part of Mont-Tremblant.


Fine Dining at L’Altitude Restaurant

My personal attraction this evening was to taste the inspiration of Chef Olivier St-Arnaud at L’Altitude Restaurant. The way to my heart is clearly through my taste buds. When we heard of L’Altitude restaurant located on the third floor of Casino Tremblant I knew it was going to be one unforgettable evening of fine dining.

2-#Tremblant1 First up, salmon tartare with squid ink, followed by cheese croquettes salad that could only be enjoyed in silence. The atmosphere was romantic and elegant with a beautiful melody from the live band in the far back corner.

Chef Olivier St-Arnaud blew me away with the Red deer medallion, and dense blackberry juice dish I ordered. Typically I am not one who would order deer off a menu, but the Red deer medallion tasted like the best cut of beef steak I’ve ever had. So moist it melted in my mouth, and I could cut it with my fork.

We ended the evening with a special dessert – Salted Carmel Goat Milk Cheesecake. It was so delicious I considering licking my plate (would anyone notice?)

I have to give compliments to the chef his passion for fine dining, and the art he served was pure perfection to our eyes and taste buds.

Casino Tremblant on Facebook | Casino Tremblant on Twitter | Casino Tremblant on Instagram | Casino Tremblant website

We Found Serenity

No adults only winter getaway is complete without a final stop at Le Scandinave Spa. Nestled on the shores of the Diable River in a peaceful and natural setting, Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant will cleanse your body, mind, and soul. Soothing your aching muscles and relaxing even the most active mind. It’s a Finnish tradition that a rotation between, heat, cold and rest will invigorate you.

22-20170129_095921 What I enjoyed about Le Scandinave Spa during the winter is taking a polar dip in Diable River. That was the longest 10 seconds of my life, yet once the shock aside it was the most soothing way to calm my soul. Peace never felt so good.

Le Scandinave Spa on Facebook Le Scandinave Spa on Twitter Le Scandinave Spa Website

Mentally and physically this adult winter getaway was exactly what every couple needs and deserves in their life. It’s important to remember who you started this journey with and who you’ll end it with. A lesson plan we all could use more assignments in. Experiencing an adult winter getaway at Mont Tremblant was a dream come true. I hope you too can explore and discover a getaway with the one you love!

14-DSC_6952 What would an adults-only winter getaway to Mont Tremblant look like for you?

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Thank you for reading In R Dream! 

Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary perks. As always my opinions in this blog are my own.

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  • My daughter-in-law started to learn to ski last year, she got off the bunny hill this year – mind her kids were off quickly last year. 🙂

  • I have read amazing reviews about Mont Tremblant, it is definitely on my list of places to visit. The food looks amazing!

  • My husband and I are getting away for a ski weekend this weekend and I am so excited!! We have 3 kids and I have never bee away from the baby who is 4! I am so looking forward to the peace 🙂

  • Okay… You totally have me craving to go back there without the kids. We did a love our vacation there with them but now I want to have the adult-only experience too. I guess either way, you can’t go wrong!

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