Conquering Fear & Learning To Ski Later In Life

Conquering Fear & Learning To Ski Later In Life

The summer of 2015, there was talk that we may as a family embark on giving skiing a try. I won’t lie I was nervous and wanted to use that dreaded word hibernate again (read this post), but I stayed positive and placed my fear aside. Our children wanted to learn to ski, and my husband loves to snowboard, a sport in our 20 years together I have always refused to try.

This winter, we learned as a family, and I conquered my fear!

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Learning To Ski Later In Life

Along with my winter hibernation, fear has always kept me from putting skies on my feet. As a child I was never introduced to skiing and refused to give it a try as a teen and now that I am in my 30’s fear of breaking something on my way down was sitting in my cognitive load.

I had three private ski lessons booked at Horseshoe Resort and lots of time well the kids were at full day ski school to get comfortable with my new skill. I was determined to learn to ski not only for me but children and my husband.

I wanted to continue to be a part of their memories and not just a person they swung by the chalet to share a story with. I wanted to be a part of their story and a memory they would hold on for years to come.

This journey was hard, challenging, emotional to say the least.

The start of my journey was spent on the bunny hill, a hill I never thought I would ever get off. The first time I tried a green run was after my first lesson and as much as I didn’t want to leave the comfort of the bunny hill, I knew my kids were learning on more advanced hills, and I needed to at least try keep up with them.

Learning to ski later in life, Horseshoe Resort Private Ski Lessons

Hubby and I went up the “big chair” to my first green hill. My mind and body were screaming “no” at me, it was like a back and forth fight mentally happening.

You can do this Tammy! Tammy this is crazy you cannot ski! Do you see that tree? Fence? You’re going to hit that fence!

Learning to ski later in life, Horseshoe Resort Private Ski Lessons

At that moment, I learned the power of telling my mind to shut up because at the top of the green hill my body froze and my mind threw every single lesson I learned out the door.

I skied straight into an orange fence and tangled myself up. I bawled, I was furious, and I took it all out on my poor husband, even well he was untangling me. Sorry Babe and thanks for being so patience with me.

Numerous falls, many tears and miles. In just under two months of skiing every weekend, I can finally say “I love to ski!” I am so proud of myself and that I pushed through the tears and fear.

I still cannot believe it happened; It is hard to fathom that I learned to ski, and the best part is I love it! 

There is a quote my husband says to the children all the time, and I replayed it through my head throughout this whole experience.

Quote What is hard, becomes easy. Quote struggles, Quote Challenging, Quote image, Quote Don't ever quit Without the private ski lessons at Horseshoe Resort, without my husband and my children cheering me on and without me telling my mind to “shut up” there is no way I could have come this far.

Taking private ski lessons, having the proper ski gear to keep my fingers and toes warm and having my family cheering me on, got me through the worst of it all. Moving forward, we can experience the slopes together, and that is one of the best gifts I have gave both my family and myself.

Last week, I went skiing with Andrea from during the day when our children were at school. We both conquered a black run and for two Moms who just this year learned to ski in our 30’s, that is pretty sweet.

What have you done that required you to push through fear?

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