ABC’s of Bay of Quinte Tours. Apples, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate… & More!

ABC’s of Bay of Quinte Tours. Apples, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate… & More!

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. It is the season my husband and I sealed our love with marriage, 13 years ago. It is also the time 19 years ago a cute teenage boy, asked out a cute teenage girl (so I am told) and sweep her off her feet.

Besides the love I feel in the air in autumn. It’s Mother Nature’s hues of red, orange and yellow that line our beautiful backdrop and the cooler nights that force you to snuggle with those you love.

Brotherly Love

The smell of pumpkin, cloves and cinnamon that fill the kitchen, and the taste of freshly picked apples as you crunch into them. These are the tastes of autumn. Autumn to me is one of the best seasons Mother Nature has blessed us with. Where she paints her canvas and blesses our harvest with an abundance of crops.

The Chocolate & Apple Trail

On a recent trip to Bay of Quinte Region, just a drive east of Toronto, which can be easily accessed off highway 401. Our family was invited for a sneak peek at Bay of Quinte The Chocolate & Apple Trail. The Chocolate & Apple Trail is a self-guided tour of the chocolate makers and apple growers across the Bay of Quinte region.

Donini Chocolate was on hand with a huge spread of all their favorites to share with us.

Bay of Quinte Tours

Donini Chocolate started in Vigevano, Italy. Something you may not know about me is that, Italy is my dream spot to one day travel too. It’s been on my dream list for as long as I can remember. We talk about spending a month there eating our way through Italy, one restaurant at a time. Diving deep into their culture and of course getting lost in romance in Tuscany. So I was happy to learn that I can score the taste of Italy not too far from home.

Donini Chocolate has been producing high-quality specialty chocolate in Belleville for over 30 years. I hear their fresh gelato only available in-store during the summer season, is incredible and a must try.

When the Donini Chocolatier told the kids to grab a bag and fill it. Every child’s dream came true.

Bay of Quinte Tours

Donini Chocolate brought a little something special for me since my recent milk sensitivity. Their Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread which I enjoy drizzled over organic apples, is heavenly.

 Donini Chocolate in Belleville Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan Spread

Quinte Conservation Area

Our day in Bay of Quinte was packed full of fall games and a beautiful nature walk throughout the Quinte Conservation.

Bay of Quinte Tours

The kids explored nature by catching frogs, painting by using nature as a paint brush and building castles on the beach out of rocks. It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Something you too can enjoy with your family just by picking 1 of the 23 different Quinte Conservation Areas that are open to the public, daily from dawn until dusk.

ABC’s of Bay of Quinte Tours

Before our trip to Bay of Quinte I was doing a little research and was overly surprise with all that Bay of Quinte has to offer. Each month there is always something happening for the food lover in you.

  • The Cheddar & Ale Trail is a self-guided tour in Bay of Quinte. From barley to cheese you can taste some of the very best that the region has to offer your taste buds.

Did you know? In the 1940’s, Bay of Quinte Region boasted over 100 cheese factories, and Hastings County was known as the Cheese Capital of Ontario.

  • With more than 30 wineries on Prince Edward County wine tour to explore, you and your loved one can plan a romantic trip all year round. Put your palette to work by taking a self-guided tour or contacting one of the local tour companies for a guided tour by car, bike or snowshoe. This is something we as a couple have been very excited to give a try.
  • For your sweet tooth, you’ll love discovering The Chocolate & Apple Trail with your family. This self-guided tour of the chocolate makers and apple growers across the Bay of Quinte region is a perfect way to spend a beautiful fall day.

Bay of Quinte Tours

“After discovering all that Bay of Quinte has to offer both families and couples, you know we will be back. A quick drive from Toronto and only 2 hours from us in City of Kawartha Lakes, Bay of Quinte is a perfect road trip. It clearly is a food lover’s paradise in our own backyard.” 

Looking to make an overnight trip out of your stay in Bay of Quinte?

Read our day as locals in Belleville article. | Bay of Qunite Twitter | Bay of Qunite Facebook

Thank you Bay of Quinte for inviting our family to spend the day with you.

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

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