How We Surprised Our Children With A Disney Reveal

How We Surprised Our Children With A Disney Reveal

When you are heading the most magical place on Earth, it only makes sense to plan the perfect Disney reveal when telling the kids. I did a fair bit of Googling during my planning stage, looking for the best way to tell our four children they were heading to Walt Disney World!

There are so many terrific ideas out there. Some people actually don’t tell their kids they pack them up and wait until they see the arch that reads “Walt Disney World”. I didn’t think we could keep the secret the whole 21+ hour drive we have ahead of us.

After reading a few articles Google finally pointed me to an article called: How to Pull Off a Walt Disney World Surprise Trip. When I scrolled down and seen a header reading “Geocaching”, I knew my search was over. Our family loves to Geocache, this was a natural fit and something I was confident hubby and I could pull off to surprise our children with.

Disney Reveal, Surprise Your Kids with A Geocache

What is Geocaching?

It’s a free worldwide treasure hunt. Google refers to Geocaching as; the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website or app.

Chances are you have a numerous Geocaches in the city you live in. No matter what city we tour in, our kids are always asking to find their next Geocache. Inside these hidden boxes are trinkets and a notepad for families to write who and when they were there.

Planting A Geocache

That afternoon hubby and I headed over to our local Conservation Area to plant the perfect Geocache for our big Disney Reveal. I had prepared a box filled with Disney trinkets and a Ziploc bag with a scrambled puzzle that spells “Disney”. We filled another container with 4 Ziploc bags filled with scrambled words that spell “You Are Going To” and a letter with a clue.

Disney Reveal, Geocaching

The Disney Reveal

That night we took the kids to the Conversation Area for a hike and a picnic dinner. As we were hiking I checked the Geocache app on my phone and pretended to tell the kids there was a new Geocache just around the corner. They were excited and thought nothing of it.

Disney Reveal, Surprise Your Kids with A Geocache

At this point I thought at least the oldest would catch on that something fishy was happening. Nope the kids were right into this Geocache and continued to follow the excitement.

Disney Reveal, Surprise Your Kids with A Geocache

Disney Reveal, Surprise Your Kids with A Geocache

For you to fully understand what took place up until this point, you have to watch our video.

These moments were priceless. The smiles, screams and dancing all brought Joy to my heart as I watched four little dreams come true. That is how we surprised our children with this Disney Reveal.

Disney Reveal, Surprise Your Kids with A Geocache

My biggest advice when pulling a Disney reveal, make sure you put the memory card back in the camera before you head out the door. Thank goodness for our smartphones but I know my Nikon would have done a better job if it had a memory card in it.

How do you plan on surprising your children on your Disney vacation? 

Stay tuned for more on our adventures in Walt Disney World!

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