These Leaders Will Rock Our World: We Day Toronto

These Leaders Will Rock Our World: We Day Toronto

Each year, I have watched the highlights of We Day from the sidelines, dreaming that one day I would get the chance to feel the inspiration from inside the stadium sized event with my daughter. You cannot buy a ticket to We Day, you earn it through programs like We School. We Schools is a movement of students and their educators who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you make a meaningful difference in the world.

Dream Come True

Yesterday, my dream came true. I was blessed with the opportunity to experience the We Movement in Toronto with 20,000 inspirational leaders – WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD! It brought me JOY knowing that the world today is full of students in the next generation that understand the power of a dream, courage, teamwork and how cool it is to build positive communities around them.

We Day Toronto 2015

Bringing my daughter with me made me feel proud knowing that she has the power at her young age of 9 to learn something I was never taught or introduced to till I reached adulthood. Cheyann has thought long and hard about a moment during We Day that she wanted to share with you. Cheyann is going to tell you about the dream that started the We Day movement 20 years ago.

Written by Cheyann: How We Day all started was when a little boy who was 12, was reading the newspaper. In the newspaper, there was an article of a little boy who was also 12 years old. The sad part of the story was that the 12 year old boy overseas was murdered for speaking out. The 12 year old who was actually Craig Kielburger felt it wasn’t fair that his little boy his age, was using his voice and was murdered. At 12 years old Craig had a dream to change the world. We were all at We Day because of Craig’s dream. Learn more about Craig’s story here.

WE DAY Toronto 2015
International activists and co-founders of WE Day, Craig and Marc Kielburger address 20,000 students and educators at WE Day Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on October 1, 2015. Photo Credit Chris Young/The Canadian Press


Everyone keeps asking me, what is your highlight of the day? Each speaker had something to share through their own story or life experiences that just spoke within my soul. As a mother of 4 young kids, at dinner last night, I spoke to my children about what both Michael “Pinball” Clemons and Earvin “Magic” Johnson talked about – TEAMWORK! 

Michael “Pinball” Clemons We Day Toronto

Both speakers were phenomenal in the choice of their words and you could clearly tell they both were speaking from the heart. It is simple – Without teamwork, success is impossible. Working together, success is within your reach.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson We Day Toronto

With over 20 speakers who lit up the stage yesterday at We Day in Toronto there were many moments when goosebumps and tears of JOY took over me. The inspiration at The Air Canada Center was thick and the energy in the room was like no other. Of course, when you are in a room full of young students you know there will be music. 

We Day Toronto 2015

Learn how you can take part in the Me to We movement at Stay up-to-date searching the #WeDay hashtag on your social channels | We Day on Facebook | We Day on Twitter | We Day on Instagram

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