Reminding Us All That Determination and Practice Win #12PrintsProject

Reminding Us All That Determination and Practice Win #12PrintsProject

Over the course of the next 5 months follow hashtag #12PrintsProject for social shares from seven Canadian parenting, design, and lifestyle bloggers – one being moi! Each of us have been posting photographs that speak to our heart and tell a story behind the print.  Which will be printed by Canada’s Photo Art Experts, Posterjack! This is my 7th #12PrintsProject from my twelve part series.

  1. Friends Forever Playroom Wood Print
  2. Framed By Nature & PosterJack
  3. Stopping Time With A Metal Print
  4. Birthday Party Memories Forever: Peel and Stick Wall Decals
  5. Breathtaking Sunset On The Shores of Wasaga Beach
  6. Visual Your Memories to Feed Your Soul

I am pumped about this month’s #12PrintsProject because the kids will always be reminded when they see these Posterjack Wood Prints hanging in their playroom that with determination & practice you can gain any skill if you work hard enough at pursuing it!

Posterjack Wood Print Review, #12PrintsProject

Rugby is a tough sport to walk into, so many steps that come naturally in terms of playing sports you have to drop and forget. An example; the ball can only be passed backwards…. yep… it even left me shaking my head in confusion at many times.

The pictures above are of our two older children at their first Rugby Tournament. They both shocked us on the side lines as they pushed, ran, passed, ripped flags and played the hardest we had ever seen them play in any sport. It was a proud moment not only for us as parents on the side lines, but for our little people who knew their determination and practice over the summer was finally paying off.

I cannot help it I am in Love with Posterjacks Wood Prints!

Posterjacks Wood Prints are my new favourite way to showcase my photo art and memories. Their Wood Prints are loaded with character and create a warm and inviting look to your prints.

Since Posterjacks Wood Prints are made of perfectly sanded sheet of birch wood, you can count on the fact that they will naturally last forever. I am hoping the memories I have had Canada’s Photo Art Experts print on our Wood Prints, will also last forever!

Posterjack Monthly Fan Contest

Posterjack also wants to see which print this month tells your story. Each month they are inviting you to share your favourite photo of the month on social media for the chance to win a $100 Posterjack voucher code. Enter by sharing your favourite photo from the previous month and the story behind it on FacebookTwitteror Instagram. Be sure to tag Posterjack and don’t forget to include the #12PrintsProject hashtag in your post so they will see your amazing photos! A winner will be drawn at random each month and it could be you! Posterjack fan contest, rules and details are posted here.

Posterjack Canada 12PrintsProject Capturing memories

What print this month spoke to your heart?

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

“Disclosure: I am part of the #12PrintProject team
and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

7 thoughts on “Reminding Us All That Determination and Practice Win #12PrintsProject”

  • I absolutely love this! Thanks for the reminder to cause i keep forgetting to enter but for sure i will hop on twitter and enter for this month 🙂 love Posterjack. i have a couple canvas prints i have bought through them

  • I really love the idea of having your favourite photos forever imprinted on a surface that will be around for a very, very long time. They look great and really do add character to any room. The Posterjack contest is a great bonus!

  • I too need to get family photos done. I have so many of the baby and a few of the older girls but none of us all together. It would make for a beautiful piece in our living room. Thanks for sharing I will be following along!

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