Tell Me… What Will Happen in Your Chair this year? #BTSReady

Tell Me… What Will Happen in Your Chair this year? #BTSReady

If it was possible to close your eyes and read this, I would say close your eyes. Instead please use your imagination as you continue to read on. Picture yourself in the setting I have laid out for you……

Picture This Chair Story


Now think about yourself as a little girl or boy. Picture yourself in Kindergarten and sitting on those tiny little blue chairs around the circle table. Your hands are sticky because you are rolling out Modeling Clay. You are so proud and are wearing a big smile because your creation is exactly as you wanted it to be.


This time you are in grade 3 and your chair has grown. Although it still is blue it is a bit taller now and you are tucked into your own desk in class. You are working out a math equations in your Hilroy Notebook with your freshly sharpened lead pencil. The math problem your teacher gave you is posing to be a challenge and just before you’re about to raise your hand for help, all of the sudden, the answer comes to you. A huge smile comes over your face.


Let’s jump to your freshmen year of high school. You are slouching in your blue chair with your left elbow on your desk and your left hand on your head. English class always seems boring, so once again you are doodling on your Five Star Zipped Binder, daydreaming about the boy or girl you are crushing over. Finally a smile takes over as you picture their face.

Life After SAHM

Your last child is off to full-time Kindergarten. After being home with your four children for over 9 years you are feeling very bittersweet about the milestone. On one side you are happy for your child because he is over the moon to be growing up. On the other hand you are feeling lost about where this new chapter leaves you. You have much to smile about but what makes you smile in this exact moment is your thought about your new Staples Bilford Manager’s Chair in Black you are sitting on. Finally a padded seat is just what your behind needs to welcome your new milestone and turn the page on your new chapter.

Staples Office Chair
That is my office and my office chair. And you may have guessed but the last picture this above… is my reality.

Have you ever thought about what happens in your chair? Or your child’s chair at school? To be honest, I never did either until Staples reached out to me and got me thinking when they asked me this question:

What Will Happen in Your Chair this year?

This year, I will read my children’s school newsletters and I will tell my story to you, from my office chair.

This year, I will plan my family getaways, from my office chair.

This year, I will be inspired and I will make a difference, from my office chair.

Tell us…What Will You Do In Your Chair? 

A lot can happen in a child’s chair in one year: an inspiring idea, an A+ paper, even a fridge-worthy masterpiece. Staples wants to hear your Chair story. Who knows, they may show off your Chair story somewhere down the line 😉

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17 thoughts on “Tell Me… What Will Happen in Your Chair this year? #BTSReady”

  • It’s an awful long time since I went to school or studied but I did enjoy it. Not much happening now apart from getting our plot of land ready to be miraculously changed into a garden – hopefully 🙂

  • My little guys are heading off to kindergarten this year and it is very bittersweet for me. Soon, I will be investing in desks and chairs for them like their older sisters. Sigh.

  • Lots of creating will be happening in my chairs. From the blog to my sewing room for my new clothing and accessories business. I’m looking forward to a full year of building my brands and doing what I love. Of course other chairs will snuggle the baby and encourage my children to do better in school. Help with homework and play games. I have many chairs and I look forward to all that happens in them!

  • Me? I will sit far too often in that chair…blogging, chatting with friends, paying bills, making travel plans, talking on the phone, and cuddling my dogs, and sometimes singing at the top of my lungs. 🙂

  • What will I do in my chair? Hmmm, well many things happen in my chair daily. Somedays the magic happens when my 7 year old sits at my deck and uses her amazing imagination to draw a “come to life” story. My chair best moments happen when I can sit back, relax at my desk, coffee in hand and share a laugh with my mom over the phone!

  • oh my gosh! this is a toughie! But i loved hearing your stories!
    Let me think..what is my chair story…
    If i had an office chair it would be the place from where I would do my blogging, recipe researching, photo editing and sending off for printing. It would be where I check in on my kids teachers websites and parent portals. Oh how it would be a lovely chair..i know I would spend a lot of time in it!

  • My “Chair” is my couch and I will search for recipes to cook for late minute dinners, i will look up project ideas for my kids school projects, I will be checking movie times for those glorious GNO, and I will be crying as I look through photos of my last 9 years and realize like you my little bird is leaving the nest for JK and I will wonder where the years went!

  • My son is in the early years at school and I enjoyed your little stories to remind me about what his school year might be like!

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