How Do You Power Imagination At Christmas? Psst! Don’t Forget Batteries!

Power Imagination, Children’s Miracle Network, Duracell batteries, Duracell, Furby Connect

What is the power of the imagination? Power Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through your five senses. The mind to builds mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist. They are not present or have happened in the past. Have you … [Read more...]

Taking The Classic Bear To The Next Level: Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

With the holidays just a few short weeks away, people are thinking about this year’s hottest toys and games. One of the biggest stars of the season, is the Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear, who has been all over top ten lists. The second I seen the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear, I knew I had a little … [Read more...]

Life-Changing Gifts That Will Inspire Along The Way #MeaningfulGifts

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea from the World Vision Gift Catalogue

I have found the holidays have become all about the things over the years. Yes things are great and fun to open but really and truly that is not what the season is all about. I feel society has gotten carried away with the idea that the holidays should be planned around the things. When I start … [Read more...]

From Our Family To Yours – Merry Christmas!

Canadian Lifestyle Blogger

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Christmas Piano Recital: Nikon MOM Captures Memories #NikonMOMents Piano Recital Nikon Mom Nikon Moments Mom Nikon D3300

Over the course of the next 7 months follow hash-tag #NikonMOMents for social shares from the Nikon MOMents team. Each of us will be posting five personal events where we will capture our memories at the heart of the image! This is my second NikonMOMents event from my five part series. Read my … [Read more...]

The Tradition of Stockings Plus Practical and Unexpected Stuffers

Red Christmas Stocking Lined up

Memories of a Little Girl When I was a little girl I remember waking up in the wee morning hours and finding my stocking in bed with me. It felt so heavy and it was so magical. I would stretch and smile from ear to ear and quietly peek inside. It was always filled with tiny little things that I … [Read more...]

Preparing For Overnight Holiday Guest #PGmom

PG mom Holiday Home Giveaway

During the holidays we are very lucky to have all our family from both sides within an hour drive. Which means we don't get out of town guest, but at the same time I believe being ready for an over night crash is always a great idea.  Transform your home into a hotel for the holidays  With a … [Read more...]

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Shoppers Drug Mart

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Your Local Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopping Style Over the years, my Christmas shopping style has changed a bit. Before kids, I worked in retail. One of those retail jobs was at Shoppers Drug Mart. I had all my shopping done long before Christmas was on the minds of most. I would grab fragrances for the women in my life and plush … [Read more...]

Our Princess is Riding A Float In This Years Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2014

Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2014 Barbie Float

Little Girls Dream When I was a little girl growing up in Scarborough my father would take my sister and I to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade each year. I remember it being so festive and a tradition that I really enjoyed. I haven't been down to see the Toronto Santa Claus Parade since I was a … [Read more...]