Life-Changing Gifts That Will Inspire Along The Way #MeaningfulGifts

Life-Changing Gifts That Will Inspire Along The Way #MeaningfulGifts

I have found the holidays have become all about the things over the years. Yes things are great and fun to open but really and truly that is not what the season is all about. I feel society has gotten carried away with the idea that the holidays should be planned around the things. When I start going through my list of gifts to buy during the holiday season, these days it seems to be miles long. With family, new family members, friends, teachers, bus driver, postal workers, cleaning lady, delivery people, staff, the list never ends. I personally feel ran during the holidays by gifts so much so, that it leaves me broke and worn out before the big day comes.

Teacher Gift To Inspire

Last year, I was brainstorming ideas for teachers gifts. In my local moms group, mothers were talking about buying necklaces, charms, gift cards to dinner, boxes of chocolates, personalized items. It just seemed like too much to me. My four children have over 15 teachers that all have a hand in their day and they all deserve a little appreciation over the holidays. Who really has a budget big enough to spoil them with LCBO gift cards? Plus, do they really need 22 gifts to sort through at the end of the day?

That afternoon the World Vision Gift Catalogue landed in my mailbox. World Vision Gift Catalogue embodies the things we love most about the holidays – showing love, helping others and bringing family together. This inspired me to spend sometime with our children and talked about the struggles children and families around the world have. Our children understand these struggles, each year they send a shoebox to children around the world filled with all their favourite things during the holiday season. We also donate locally with our mountain of gifts we collect for local families each holiday season.

I proposed the idea that last year we would gift their teachers a unique gift that would help children around the world. Together as a family we went through the World Vision Gift Catalogue and pick out a gift they felt would help change the lives and make a huge impact on children and a community around the world. Our children decided to gift their teachers 2 Hens and a Rooster last year.

Our Teacher Gifts For 2015

This year, we will be educating a child in name of all the teachers at their school. I have typed up a card that we will be printing off and our children will be handing out to their teachers this year.

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea from the World Vision Gift Catalogue

I hope this inspires you and your family to remember what the holidays are all about this season and gift from the heart.

Here are a few gift ideas that you could gift your children’s school this year.

  • For $50 your family could gift 2 Hens and a Rooster. Which will produce 150 eggs a year. Just think of how far this gift could go to a family struggling around the world.
  • Supply a classroom for only $50. This gift multiples 4 times giving children living in poverty the tools they need to succeed.

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea from the World Vision Gift Catalogue

  • Going hungry can make or break your day, and the sad news is children around the world don’t know when their next meal is. Stock a school kitchen for 50 children for only $75. This gift multiples 3 times and will provide lunches for a whole month.
  • This year we will be the teachers of our school with the chance to make dreams come true. This gift multiples 2 times and for $60 you can educate a child and give them the gift of an education they many never have had.

All gifts include a free greeting card that is either mailed or emailed to the recipient. Since we gift one gift in name of our school, I print off my own card for our children to personalize.

What meaningful gift will you gift this Christmas from the World Vision Gift Catalogue?

Save The Date!

@linkedmoms will also be hosting a @WorldVisionCan Twitter Party November 18th at 8 p.m.

Follow #MeaningfulGifts hashtag for more information on prizes and further details.

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I am a World Vision Canada Mom working with Thrifty Mom Media to tell this story, and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own.

4 thoughts on “Life-Changing Gifts That Will Inspire Along The Way #MeaningfulGifts”

  • World Vision Canada does an amazing job of providing so many great options for helping families in need. Every year my kids choose a different gift for giving and I love that! Wishing you a warm holiday season!

  • I think this is a amazing opportunities for all families. to help a family grow, learn and survive in there surroundings. this is such a small thing to do skip the coffee and donut 15 days out of the month. once a day instead of 3 or 4 coffee a day. Save your change from each day. In a month I am sure you would have at least fifty dollars. Take your lunch four times a month there’s another 50.00 dollars. Have a yard sale of all the things you don’t Want or Need anymore. I am sure you will come up with 50.00 dollars. These are all little, meaning less things we take for granted, instead we could do this to help educate a child, feed a family.
    Just think how would you feel if you were in there position would you not want someone to help you and your children.
    God gave his only son. Surely we can give a few dollars.

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