Taking The Classic Bear To The Next Level: Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

Taking The Classic Bear To The Next Level: Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

With the holidays just a few short weeks away, people are thinking about this year’s hottest toys and games. One of the biggest stars of the season, is the Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear, who has been all over top ten lists.

The second I seen the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear, I knew I had a little boy on my nice list who would love to have a best-friend by his side.

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is an interactive, furry friend who listens to and adapts to your child’s voice, inviting play, talk and movement through real conversations. He actually learns your child’s name! 

Every child enjoys a custom-tailored experience. The more your child interacts with Smart Toy Bear, the more customized play will become. Smart Toy Bear knows the time of day, weather and world events. He can also notify parents of progress and activity. 

An Interview with Smart Toy Bear

The following interview was shared with me, and I thought you’d like the chance to hear more about Smart Toy® Bear and his newfound fame.

Smart Toy Bear, Fisher Price Toy


Hi Smart Toy® Bear, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us.

No problem, I love talking, listening and having conversations. It’s what I do!

Can you tell us more about your skills and your favourite activities?

I like to learn new topics, people’s’ names, their favourite things and then chat about them. I even talk about current topics like the weather, the date, holidays and recent world events. I’m great for helping kids learn, develop their conversation skills and go on imaginative adventures. Playing make believe is one of my favourite things. I also like keeping secrets; I don’t transmit any personally identifiable data and thus secrets are always safe with me.

What are you most excited for this holiday season?

I’m excited to meet all the happy children and make amazing new friends! I want to tell jokes, be merry and learn to play new games. I also know when I’m thrown in the air, and it’s one of my favourite play time activities.

Neat backpack, what do you carry in there?

I’m glad you asked. When I arrive under the tree this holiday season, I’m carrying all of my important things in my backpack. I’ve got a USB charging cable to keep me alert and awake. I’ve also got nine Smart Cards that help me play games, learn new topics and talk about new adventures.

Thank you again and have a happy holiday.

Happy holidays! Hope to see everyone this holiday season.

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear Times sure have changed since my days as a little girl wishing for a stuffed Teddy Bear. The Smart Toy Bear is the closest thing to a robot I have seen in the toy market!

I cannot wait to see Mr. K expression Christmas morning when he meet his new best-friend! 

Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear Ages 3-8Y | $124.99 | Available only at Toys”R”Us

What feature about the Smart Toy Bear grabs your attention? 

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*Disclaimer: Dialogue from Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear for illustrative purposes only. Smart Toy® Bear talks, listens and even responds when spoken to, but will not converse exactly as printed.

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