Donate Your Voice For Global Malnutrition #MyRoadToRio Challenge

My Rio to Road Challenge, Inez Kelly, RESULTS Canada, #MyRoadtoRio, Canada Rio Olympics, Canada malnutrition ,Canada global nutrition

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starting on August 5th, 2016. Athletes worldwide are gearing up for their competition with their sights set on a podium win. The day before the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics the Brazilian government is hosting a … [Read more...]

A Journey To Find Yourself: Weight Loss, Happiness & The Reflection In The Mirror (Guest Post)

How to lose weight. 21 day fix. Life after Stay At Home Mom

Today’s guest post is from my long time BFF Bobbi. We've been through a lot together; we even were pushing our first baby's out at the same hospital, the same day, next door to each other during the same time. She won. Bobbi is a mom of two boys; both play competitive rep sports that keep her on … [Read more...]

Exploring Three-dimensions: Prismland Playset An Educational Toy

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

Today’s guest post is from my sister Brandy. She is a mom of two; a busy preschooler who keeps her on her feet and a sweet toddler. Brandy is a full-time working mom using her ECE degree working with autistic children and their families. She supports them and touching their lives in a positive way. … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Story: That Clean Life #IRDFeature

Abigail Keeso. I am a pediatric Registered Nurse, Culinary Nutrition Expert and entrepreneur of That Clean Life.

Abigail from That Clean Life spilled it… Meet Abigail who had a wake up call that changed her life, after years of abusing her body. Her entrepreneurial story is filled with inspiration to listen to your body and make life the best it can be! Grab a tea and take a “Me” moment, you deserve … [Read more...]

Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

Sharing Is Love- My Sister and Me (Sharing Is Love) Children who won't share. Teaching About Sharing

One thing that I have learnt having a houseful of kids is that sharing doesn't come naturally. It takes teaching to bring your kids together and a lot of patience's is required. Another thing I have learnt is that once taught the rewards of sitting back watching you children play nicely together is … [Read more...]

Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 Review + Giveaway

Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 Review

Today's guest post is from my little sister Brandy. Since our littlest turns 3 this month it was time to bring on someone to take over baby reviews. Brandy is expecting her second baby in August and Jax her oldest is 15 months. I look forward to sharing Brandy's in depth reviews and mama knowledge … [Read more...]

My Entrepreneur Interview Over At Babic Books

Entrepreneur Interview- With Tammy Mitchell In R Dream

This week I am featured over on the Babic Books Blog as her first Entrepreneur Interview. What an honor to be the first in her series of Entrepreneur Interview's. Learn my proudest career moment, how I unwind and more.  Read my entrepreneur interview here.  Thanks for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

What’s in your dog’s bowl? Iams SO GOOD #Giveaway (09/20) #Guestpost

IAMS So Good Dog

Today's post is a guest post from my BFF Jenn over at OneHeartOneFamily. This month our sweet dog Weiser's old age of 11 caught up with her and she passed peacefully in our home. She was our first baby and missing her presence is the hardest part, I still see her everywhere. Thank you to Jenn for … [Read more...]

Great Summer Recipes for Salads { Guest Post @Ourfamilyworld }


Benefits of Summer Salads If you are looking for a great salad that is not only refreshing, but also makes a beautiful statement on your table, then Raspberry Romaine salad is a fantastic choice. The best part is, the salad is easy to make. All you will need is fresh spinach, fresh raspberries, … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Child Learning During the Summer Break

Maintaining the educational progress that kids have gained through the school year becomes more difficult during the summer months.  Kids tend to shift from a learning mode to a totally free, unfettered play mode during the summer.  Their lives are filled with days in the pool, sleepovers at … [Read more...]