Exploring Three-dimensions: Prismland Playset An Educational Toy

Today’s guest post is from my sister Brandy. She is a mom of two; a busy preschooler who keeps her on her feet and a sweet toddler. Brandy is a full-time working mom using her ECE degree working with autistic children and their families. She supports them and touching their lives in a positive way. I look forward to sharing Brandy’s in-depth reviews and mama knowledge here on inRdream.com. 

The Prismland Playset comes in a Prismland carrying bag and includes all 5 Prismpals as well as their corresponding character-specific edition of the Hey! Prismland booklet series.

As a mom of two children under 3, I am always looking for educational activities or toys for my kids that are also fun and unique. I also value items that can grow with my children as their developmental needs change.

Prismland Playset met my “mom standards” but the real test was if they would meet my kids’ standards!”

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

When I introduced my children to the Prismland Playset, their five senses kicked into play right away. The soft Prismland carrying bag is visually pleasing with a mute canvas background and a hint of colour and design that makes it child-friendly. The soft carrying bag intrigued my children to want to explore their curiosity further and see what was inside.

When they opened the bag, there were five adorable Prismpals that were visually pleasing to the eye which drew my children in to explore them further through touch. The material of the Prismpals is inviting for little ones; soft, plush and easy to pick up. Of course this also made it super fun to throw them too 😉

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

Each Prismpal comes with a corresponding character book that takes each three-dimensional shape on a journey. Although the illustrations are playful, I found the dialogue of the stories more suited for older children. However, a few of the stories end with a “look-alike” section which shows the geometric shape in various forms. I found this more fitting to my son as he enjoys noticing similarities and differences in various objects.

“Counting is big in our house right now so of course it was fun to count the sides and corners of the different shapes. When we got to “Spherrison” the sphere, he pointed out to me that after a couple of good spins that there are no corners or sides.”

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

We also enjoyed a game of catch with each character which is always a hit with my little ones. You could expand a regular game of catch further with more of an educational component depending on your child’s age. It is safe to say Prismland met my kids’ standards by evoking their senses and offering a playful alternative to the “standard” educational toys we have at home.

The Prismland Playset also has free downloadable worksheets, colouring pages and educational lesson plans for educators.

“I see the Prismland Playset coming in handy as my children begin to explore other 3D geometry at school. It is a learning tool that can expand and grow with your child whether they are just starting to learn about 3D shapes or something a little more intricate such angles, depth, or radius.”

Prismland is generous! 

One lucky inRdream.com reader will win one Prismland Play Set and educational toy containing all 5 PrismPals, their booklets, and the canvas Prismland Carrying Bag (retail value: $139 CAD). Open to Canada (excluding Quebec), ends March 13th, 2016. 

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

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  1. nicolthepickle says:

    I think they’d be really neat to teach young children shapes.

  2. Debbie W says:

    Throughout the pages, amusing math and geometry lessons are taught through goofy stories featuring your favorite 3D solids. I never thought of this method of teaching geometry so young.

  3. Tiffany Rotulo says:

    I am intrigued by the activity work sheets. I like the cut pits that kids can use to build there own shapes out of paper.

  4. Brandee H says:

    I learned from the site that they have a number of downloadable activities and worksheets. They also have a great educators page with tips on how to use their products and curriculum connections.



  6. I learned that they successfully crowdfunded Prismland on Kickstarter in 2014 and launched their online store in February of 2016.

  7. They are cute, teach about shapes, safe for young kids!

  8. I love educational toys and I’m intrigued to give them a try as the play set looks adorable, I love the bag that comes with it to keep everything organized, and I know my daughter would love it!

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This toy brand is intended to encourage young children to take their first steps toward a future filled with passion for math and geometry.

  10. I like that it is not just sold and that is it. They also have things on line to Do.

  11. Angela Mitchell says:

    They look pretty cute, unique and obviously very educational. I’d love to try them out with both of my kids.

  12. scott macmillan says:

    I think my Grandson would adore these and have fun for hours.

  13. Joanne Frank says:

    I love the idea that it is very educational for all ages ..Great Idea

  14. kathy downey says:

    I learned that PrismPals make GREAT tools for learning and that their online store opens this week !

  15. josephine evans says:

    I am all about toys that are educational. They are very cute and I think they would be a lot of fun!

  16. Amanda Neilson says:

    I’m a huge fan of educational toys. My daughter is almost 5 and is really loving learning math lately, so I think she would love these!

  17. I think this would be a great way to introduce 3D shapes to my students.

  18. Darlene Schuller says:

    I learned its an educational company focussing on math and geometry!

  19. What a neat idea! I love that there are tons of free downloads on their site that you can print and include with this learning set!

  20. missbobloblaw says:

    I love that you can download/print worksheets. They look like something that would help my child learn a lot about math & geometry!

  21. Carole Dube says:

    I learned that their online store opened this week!

  22. This adorable set looks like such a fun educational toy! I absolutely love the size (and shapes!) of the blocks, and that they are plush! My kids would love their cute and happy faces as well. 🙂

  23. I love the new toys for children, the fact they are soft intrigues me

  24. Victoria Ess says:

    I learned that their online store opened this week!

  25. Holly MacRitchie says:

    On their site I learned that they opened their online store in Feb 2016! Its so new!

  26. I would love to give these a try with my daughter because I appreciate the educational use of them. My daughter would love how cute and interactive they are.

  27. I am intrigued because it’s a great way to show the kids 3-D shapes and get them to really feel them.

  28. Lynda Cook says:

    I like that you can go online and download activities and worksheets!!

  29. violet taylor says:

    i love tying in the toys and the books, gets kids interested.

  30. Erin Wilson says:

    I learned that they got their start with a Kickstarter campaign! This would be so great for my daughter.

  31. ruth moreira-lozon says:

    I love the names they each have! Also, it’s a great way to teach kids about shapes with a physical toy, as well as the accompanying books.

  32. SweetPanda says:

    I learned that each PrismPal comes with a character-specific booklet from the Hey! Prismland booklet series.

  33. Anne Dougherty says:

    These look like a great learning tool.

  34. Juliee Fitze says:

    I like anything that will help the kids learn. This would be sweet for my grandkids.

  35. I learned that the creators crowdfunded Prismland on Kickstarter in 2014 and launched their online store this month!

  36. krystyl olson says:

    I work 3 childcare programs – Strongstart, Hand in hand, and at a daycare in a womans’ Rehab program. I would LOVE to use these unique Amazing little creatures as teaching tools.

  37. Sunshine H says:

    I like how they give your LO’s a 3D object to learn about the objects, instead of just a flat picture. I also think that with them being so cute, it will be easy to get DD excited about learning.

  38. Love finding hands on ways to learn for my kids and these look like a great addition

  39. Carey Hurst says:

    Love that each “toy” has their own book , learn through play is such an amazing way to learn so intrigued that they use that .

  40. I learned that their goal is to not only provide the children with fantastic toys but to develop and distribute valuable resources which can be used in tandem with the PrismPals to maximize educational potential.

  41. These are beyond adorable and my son would love them

  42. these seem like amazing toys for kids of all genders and ages

  43. Thank you for the awesome review, Brandy and Tammy! I’m happy to answer any questions your readers may have about our products here or at contact@prismland.com

  44. I’d love to give this a try because I am always on the hunt for more educational toys for my kids

  45. I like the interactive component through their worksheets, and other digital offerings.

  46. they look like a great educational play set

  47. What you learned on their site.

    It looks like a good choice for young children to learn from harmless cute toys.

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