Five Reasons Why WE Love WE Day Family #WeAreAWeFamily

Five Reasons Why WE Love WE Day Family #WeAreAWeFamily

September 2017 in Toronto marked the second WE Day Family hosted at the Air Canada Center. My heart exploded more than once, and my soul screamed “yes” the entire show. Being in an arena filled with “leaders” who believe in good and wear kindness front and center is very tough to explain. An evening when it feels like they are speaking to your purpose. And sharing that with your kids and friends feels so freaking awesome!

Tears rolled, goosebumps never left.

If you haven’t been to WE Day or heard of it here are five reasons why WE love WE Day Family.

First, let’s start with answering this question for you.

What is WE Day Family?

You may have heard of WE Day, which is an invite-only event for teachers to bring their students to. You must earn your spot in the WE Day audience. WE Day Family is a spin-off of WE Day hosted the same day for families. The event brings together inspirational speakers and performers to inspire families to be the change they want to see in the world.

Five Reasons Why WE Love WE Day Family

This was my second time at WE Day Family, and I was also fortunate to attend a WE Day Toronto in 2015. Here are five reasons why WE love WE Day Family.

Anyone Can Be The Change

WE Day Family is a reminder that we’re all capable of being the change. You don’t need a big bank account or to know someone, you can be the change and your family can start the trend. All you need is the drive to be the change you want to see in the world. WE Day Family shares inspirational stories from real families like yours that have taken the baby steps to be the change.

Tonight, my son said “Mommy, can I be on the WE Day stage one day?” “Yes, my sweet boy, of course, you can!”

Like Minded People

You know the quote “Surround yourself with like-minded people.” Being in front of individuals who’ve done it, have the tools, can inspire and point you in the right direction. Helping families get started is what WE Day Family is about. Giving you the push, the inspiration, the dream to be the change.

On stage and even sitting beside you in the audience you’re surrounded with like-minded people. Individuals who like you believe in the good.

You may already know what the tools are, but sometimes we need a little reminder because it’s easy to get lost in the day to day and forget just how to find happiness. Mia Farrow’s quote struck a chord with me:

“Don’t look for happiness, look for someone to help & happiness will find you.”

Performers and Storytellers

WE Day wouldn’t be WE Day without music! The concerts are a huge highlight, and they take the pressure off the pain you feel when you look deep into topics that need attention in this world.

Sofia Carson blew us all away with her flawless and elegant performance. She reminded me how we all are here on a journey that speaks to our soul. And she is clearly doing what she’s meant to do – she was incredible and a role model to many in the audience.

Tom Jackson pulled at my heart-strings as he talked about the uniqueness of Canada with his guitar, in hand. At that moment, I felt very proud to be Canadian. But it was when the Kenya Boys Choir stepped out on stage my heart skipped a beat as they sang – One Love; a classic song that naturally brings everyone together. And Jonny Reid set the stage on fire – literally – with his encore performance!

However, it was Carol Todd’s story that broke my heart. Her sweet daughter, a victim of cyberbullying, ended as a nightmare, every parent’s worst nightmare. Carol stood tall and strong relying upon a critical topic to the audience that day. Carol is an online safety advocate and shared with us how we can educate ourselves and our children with TELUS WISE. Let’s stand up and #RiseAbove to cyberbullying because this is not acceptable.

Since WE Day I’ve gathered the details for TELUS WISE and presented them to my children’s school, we have an ambassador coming into speak about cyberbullying and educating our students regarding online etiquette.

 >> Learn how you can teach your family with TELUS WISE free tools. <<

Each person who steps on stage is apart of a motivating team that believes the importance in raising compassionate children.

Start Small

It’s easy to hear someone’s story and think – WOW, there is no way I can do that. But remember everyone starts small. They don’t build a school in Kenya the first time they volunteer. Although that may be a goal you have, that’s defiantly a huge goal my family has. You need to start small. Getting involved in your community will teach your children that even small, everyday actions can make a difference in someone’s life.

Sometimes it takes life-changing experiences and manual labor with ME to WE to get excited about school; read Erica Ehm’s story.


Each person, whether they are a storyteller, performer, sponsor, host when they step on stage, they are gleaming with desire. Mia Farrow, George Takei, Ban Ki-Moon, Spencer West to name a few who stood out during WE Day Family in Toronto. But the ones who started it all Craig and Marc Kielburger catch me every single time I hear them speak. Craig glows with passion when he talks about ME to WE. The brother’s story is a very inspiring story and one I’ve shared many time with my children. They started small, and today they fill arenas some twice a day because they had a vision.

It’s a combination of all the pieces of WE Day Family that make this event one I crave to attend each year with my children.

Your Family Can Become A WE Family Too!

Visit to take the WE Pledge, a commitment to make a difference through your everyday actions.

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

Thank you, Erica Ehm, for the warm invitation to WE Day Family. We’re very grateful to be your guest. Thank you.

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