A Kindness Mountain of Donations For Our Community

A Kindness Mountain of Donations For Our Community

Long before Christmas was arriving I was working on a little project that has been front and center in my mind throughout the year. Over the years we personally give to local charities through our local toy drives or our local school but this year I wanted to make an impact that reached a little deeper into our community.

My Kindness Request

I started small by collecting toys and extras I was compensated with throughout the year and once November hit I sent a Kindness request out to all the PR companies I worked closely with and a few Brands that would be a great fit for my vision. I have to say the response was more than I imagined and the emails I received lifted me up.

A huge thank you goes out to the following PR companies who not only answered my reply with a yes but went above and beyond with their donations to our Kindness Mountain:

 Feriel from Citoyen Optimum, Lindsay from Environics Pr, Ali from Citizen Relations, Sierra from Harbinger Ideas, Claire from Strategic Objectives, Michelle from Brill Communications and Lena on behalf of Fisher Price. 

Our Mountain of Kindness

Mountain of Toy Donations Kawartha Lakes Ontario

Inspired By A Friend

It was two years ago I was inspired by a blogger friend of mine Jody over at Mommy Moments; she did something similar and shared it with her readers. In that moment I knew that was going to be a dream of mine and when the time was right I would make it possible and involve our whole family in the process.

Natural Pull To Give

For me giving has always been something deep inside my heart, a magnetic pull that I cannot move away from. Since I have been blessed with my on-line community here on inRdream.com I have been able to share this pull with the world. Weather it is through the giveaways I am hosting or sharing a tip to a mother that helps her gets through the day. Something as small as a kind gesture to a stranger or something as deep as dreaming up this year’s kindness mountain of donations for families throughout Kawartha Lakes. Organizing and dreaming up this opportunity makes me so happy. Sharing each step of it with my family makes it extra special.

Big Hearts, Generous Brands

Mountain of Toy Donations Kawartha Lakes Ontario

Thank you goes out too the following brands for going above and beyond this time of year: 

Panasonic, Fisher Price, Tide, Barbie, Covergirl, Olay, Swiffer, Kiss My Face, Carry Clean, Tom’s of Maine, Calgon, Downy, Bounce, Evenflo, Leap Frog and Boogie Wipes and Stampin’ Up! 

You all offered up some great additions to our Kindness Mountain of Donations this season. Because of all of you on Christmas morning a child will wake up and believe is the magic of the season and rest their head with joy! 

Tears On Christmas Morning

Last Christmas we did the same on a much smaller scale to a few local families. I remember on Christmas morning sitting back and watching our four playing with their new toys and a welt of tears started to form. Those tears were because at that very moment their were children playing with new toys and believing in Christmas because we took the opportunity to share a few new toys through our kindness. In that same moment I knew this was something I needed to do more of because I felt incredible and stood a little taller from the simple gesture of kindness we shared.

Toy Donation Delivery Day

Today was the day our whole family of six delivered our Kindness Mountain of Donations to our local Kawartha Lakes charities. We had four stops and the gratitude from all four locations was enough lift to fill all our buckets will joy. The kids were glowing from the inside out and they were beaming with excitement about the impact our gestures as a family will create. Here are a few pictures that were taken by the charities we visited.

Mountain of Toy Donations A Place Called Home in Kawartha Lakes Ontario

Mountain of Toy Donations A Place Called Home in Kawartha Lakes Preganacy Center Ontario

Today felt like a dream, since it started as a dream I have to say that when you dream hard they do come true! Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading In R Dream! 

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