Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment

Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment

To follow-up on my article Let’s Stop These Unhealthy Body Image Messages From Brainwashing Our Daughters I thought I should have an open talk to our children about Dietainment.

I have to say I was very proud in their reaction to the videos Multi-Grain Cheerio created on Dietainment.

educating Canadians about Dietainment Miss C was no fool to what exactly went on behind-the-scenes to these people on the front of these magazine covers. She said

“They change these regular people into something they are not. It is sad. Be yourself, follow your heart.” 

I have always tried my best to be a positive role model for my children. It is my goal to be an Unstoppable Mother to all four of our children. During my conversation with Miss C she mentioned that every day at school her teacher shares quotes that the class reviews.

Miss C shared a quote she felt fit the topic her and I were talking about.

“Normal is just a setting on the washer machine.”

In that moment, I was reminded that our children are influenced by more than their parents, their teachers and media play a huge part in their day. Having a teacher who talks heavy on a subjects like Dietainment to her students, makes me smile. If only the media could see the brainwashing they are doing to our children’s future.

educating Canadians about Dietainment

 Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is

As parents we need to give our children the knowledge to bringing awareness and attention to the fact that unhealthy body image messages disguised as harmless entertainment are having a serious impact on our children across Canada. By embracing a healthy, balanced lifestyle and empowering the next generation we can be the change.

Together we all have the power to make the next generation healthy – mind, body and spirit.

Lead By Example

Many dieting behaviours are passed down from one generation to the next. You can help break the cycle by being a positive role model for the children in your life!

  • Focus your conversations about weight on being healthy and feeling good, instead of the number on the scale. I only recently got a scale in our house and it was for nothing more than to answer a question on an application. It is important for our children not to worry about the number.
  • Show positive body image values by avoiding negative phrases like “I’m so fat”.  Instead, saying things like “my goal is to be healthy” will teach your child what really matters. 

  • Model a healthy, active lifestyle by enjoying lots of physical activity together as a family and eating a balanced diet at every meal.

Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Building up your child’s self-esteem and ensuring that they develop a strong sense of self-worth is a great way to help reduce the impact of Dietainment messages. Here are some keys to building confidences at any age:

  • Help your children discover their own unique talents and qualities. Allow them to value their own strengths.
  • Provide your children with opportunities for success that have specific and realistic goals. I believe in goal setting but in order to be successful, start small and slowly reach bigger.
  • Have pride in your child’s accomplishments at the same time letting them know that feeling special doesn’t mean feeling better than others.
  • Encourage your children to try new things on their own, face the challenges in front of them and take risks when they need too.
  • Give positive, accurate and constructive feedback.

Know Dietainment When You See It

One of our best defenses against Dietainment is knowing it when we see it. Unhealthy diet messages disguised as entertainment are easy to miss simply because they hide in plain sight.

Dietainment content hurting our children Examples of Dietainment include messages or advertisements such as:

  • They promise unrealistically fast weight loss that sounds too good to be true. If something is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.
  • Lack of valid scientific research to support claims. If they don’t have research to back their claim, walk away.
  • Detainment uses over-the-top headlines like “slim down your belly fat in just a week” or “lose 30 pounds on this new liquid diet” to attract viewers.

Teach Media Literacy

In our rapidly changing world of media, it’s more important than ever that young people become media literate, especially when it comes to unhealthy diet messages that are disguised as entertainment. Have an open and ongoing conversation with your children about what they see in the media. Encourage your children to think critically and ask questions like:

  • Who is this message intended for?
  • Does this seem realistic?
  • Why is this message being sent?
  • Who’s sending it?
  • What techniques are being used to get my attention?

These are a few ways we together can be the change for the future generations. The change starts with us but quickly will be carried on by your children.

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Disclosure: I am taking part in the #StopDietainment campaign with Multi-Grain Cheerios, with the intention to bring this important subject to the surface. The opinions on this blog are my own.

4 thoughts on “Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment”

  • This is such an important issue for both girls and boys! I truly believe that I fell victim to “dietainment” as I’ve suffered from eating disorders since I was a young girl.

  • I really cannot imagine being a young girl in todays society – it is very important, I believe, to let them know that what they are seeing in magazines isn’t reality and isn’t what they think they should be.

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