Going Back to Black – This Friday – One Day Flash Sale With LimeApple.ca For Girls

Going Back to Black – This Friday – One Day Flash Sale With LimeApple.ca For Girls

Independence Kicks In

I am finding the older my daughter gets the less she wants me to help her choose her clothes. I believe my taste is, in-style and on par but my pre-teen rather not have mommy help. I think this is also independence kicking in. A way to show that she is getting older and can make these decisions without mommy. I understand that and as hard as it is, I smile and remember, she is in fact getting older. 

Online Is All We Have

Since our small town doesn’t have much to offer in terms of children’s clothing we have to drive to the city, which is a 45 minute drive. The true fact is, I don’t have time to drive her to the mall 45 minutes away. We rely on her choosing her clothes on-line. Yes you can find box store items online and of course I can buy her clothes from the local grocery store but that is what her friends are all wearing and sometimes, unique is what little girls crave! 

Unique Is In-Style

My little girl has a style of her own. I have to accept that she is easygoing but at the same time knows what she wants! That is where Limeapple.ca comes in to play. 

Limeapple creates bold, colorful, quality clothing for young girls ages 4-14. They are a lifestyle brand that designs a range of activewear, swim, boutique everyday wear, and formal dresses. Committed to a healthier, positive lifestyle, we believe in empowering young girls to be active, to give back and to inspire others.

That about sums up my little girl. She is bold and colourful. She is very active in keeping up with three younger brothers and although she is rough and tough at times, she loves to dress up all girly when she can. I believe she is a perfect combination of sweet and sour. 

One Day Flash Sale Alert! 

October 16th – no coupon needed.

Head over to Limeapple.ca

Save 30% off all black items! 

Free shipping to Canada and USA with orders over $25! 

Halloween Flash Sale LimeApple.com Here my little girls top two black picks from Limeapple.ca that she thinks are her style.

  • Gracie dress is simple but at the same time can be dressed up for a fancy dinner. Every little girl needs a black dress. 
  • Berlin Sweather is a must have in every little girl’s closet. The asymmetrical zipper down the front screams unique!  



Hurry up, you don’t want to miss this sale! 

Limeapple on Twitter | Limeapple on Facebook | Limeapple.ca

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