Couponing in Canada: Splurge With Your Savings #SimpleSavings

Couponing in Canada: Splurge With Your Savings #SimpleSavings

Couponing 101: Spending More to Save More

Let’s break those couponing myths and learn some creative ways to leverage coupons and promo codes. A well-known Smart Cookie from Canada Sandra Hanna has shared below some of her savvy spending tips that dispel the myths about couponing in Canada. 

Myth 1: Couponing takes too much time

You don’t need piles of flyers, a colour-coded binder and six hours on a Sunday to save cash. Today, all you need is your smartphone and 16 seconds, and you can save instantly almost every time you make a purchase both online and in-store. In the time it takes to check in on your Facebook feed, you can save yourself some extra cash!

Spending More to Save More, Couponing in Canada

Myth 2: You can’t get a coupon on a premium item

Coupons and promo codes can be used for much more than Kleenex and toothpaste. Consumers are becoming savvy with promo codes and high-end retailers are listening. Brands like Club Monaco, Danier and Sephora are now offering discounts for you to cash in on.

Spending More to Save More, Couponing in Canada

Using, we recently found a promo code for $10 off the entire order and free shipping for high-quality organic and natural items at, which carries brands like Honest Company and Method. Don’t forget if you’re looking for a unique homemade gift, search for a promo code before you buy from Etsy.

Myth 3: Doubling up on savings is against Canadian laws and regulations

Many people often think the sale price is the best price. False – certain retailers will allow you to stack your savings in Canada by adding promo codes or coupons on top of sale prices.

Banana Republic is a great example – with frequent sales like 40 per cent off, you can save even more by stacking your savings with a promo code, giving you an extra 40 per cent off sale styles. Talk about a win, win!

Spending More to Save More, Couponing in Canada

Myth 4: Couponing isn’t worth the time invested

If you knew that a 16 second search for a coupon code each time you were able to make a purchase could add up to more than $1,500 at the end of the year, would you do it? Of course you would!

In fact, RetailMeNot shoppers report an average savings of $20 per transaction, which easily adds to big savings if you shop twice a week or more online. Look for deals on everything from free shipping to deep discounts. 

Myth 5: Online shopping costs more in Canada than the in the U.S.

We’ve all been there – an item on a U.S. retail site seems costs less than on a Canadian site. Once you factor in the exchange rate, duty, taxes and shipping, those supposed “savings” disappear quickly – meaning there has never been a better time to shop on Canadian-based sites.

There are a lot of great Canadian retailers that ship from our home and native land, including Joe Fresh and Sears. Keep your eyes peeled for free shipping and sales, and you’ll be singing “Oh Canada” in no time!

Spending More to Save More

Now that we’ve saved big time using Sandra Hanna’s tips and putting the myths of couponing in Canada aside, we can splurge a little for ourselves with all the monies saved, right? 

Splurge With Your Savings

I do most of my shopping online these days but at the same time I get bored with the same online stores. Thanks to they introduce me to online shops I never heard or never knew had an online store. Danier is one of those online shops introduced me too. 

Who is is an online resource for the money conscience part of your mind. It gathers savings from all the major online shopping websites and compiles them on their website Before you do any online shopping you SHOULD check first to make sure you are getting the best savings at the time of your checkout.

I have a few splurge items on my wish list right now. One I recently splurged on over at Danier Leather and I couldn’t be happier. I scored a deep discount saving $100 off plus because of I learnt that Danier has free shipping when you spend over $150. 

2-Fullscreen capture 2015-10-30 94509 AM My Splurge From Danier Leather…

Couponing in Canada with splurging with your savings.

Spending More to Save More, Couponing in Canada with We both know shopping is a girl’s best friend and there is always another splurge on your wish list. Once I save a few more dollars saved up this Sammy Leather Crossbody Bag will be mine! I think it would pair perfect with my Bree Lamb Biker Jacket.

Couponing in Canada with splurging with your savings. Since I signed up for Danier newsletter they emailed me a 10% off my next purchase coupon code. Thanks to it looks like my splurge will be happening a lot sooner than I planned.

Couponing in Canada with splurging with your savings. What are you saving to splurge on with all your savings?

Before you head over to to fill your online cart with savings, enter the giveaway below so you can treat yourself to that splurge you’ve been dreaming of. Good Luck! is Generous! 

One lucky reader will win a $200 Visa gift card which can be used anywhere.

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