My Dream Come True! Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto #DisneySMMC

My Dream Come True! Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto #DisneySMMC

Brand Dream List

When I first started to blog I had a mental list of brands I dreamed of working with. Brands like; Pampers, Sears, Vtech, Ford, Nikon to name a few were crossed off my list a few years in. There was one Brand on my mental list that was so exclusive, I wasn’t sure this dream was going to come true. This Dream goes back a lot further than my blogging days. My dreams of Disney take me back over 30 years when I watched all my favourite Disney movies and dreamed to one day get to meet Cinderella or Belle. 

Keeping Positive 

I will be honest here, when I read on Twitter that Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was coming to Toronto and many of my blogging friends were invited, my heart dropped. I checked my spam, refreshed my inbox and kept positive. I was excited for my blogging peeps and was going to cheer them on because that is who I am. Although, I kept hoping that my invite just got lost in cyberspace. 

When I Least Expected It 

Then it happened the end of August on a camping trip with my family. We had no service and I pretty much had to stand on one foot and hop on the dock to check my emails. When I read “You’re invited! Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto” slowly load before my eyes, I couldn’t believe it, my dream came true! 

I wanted to tell the world but with no service I explained my excitement with my family. The kids wanted to know if there would be rides for the mommy’s and like them I wasn’t sure what to expect either. 

Dreams Do Come True

The day arrived and this dream of mine was coming true. When we first walked off the elevator at Disney HQ in Toronto we knew we were in the right place, it screamed Disney! 

Since this was my first Disney experience, I had to sit as close as possible. I was oblivious to those around me, I wanted to take each moment in and baste in the excitement that this dream of mine was now a reality. 

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto

That smile of mine above was permanent. I was surrounded by the magic of Disney on every corner and they spoiled us with Mickey Mouse ears and so much more!


The purpose of The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On-The-Road” is to bring together a group of parent influencers and social media enthusiasts for a sneak peek at behind-the-scenes info straight from Disney Parks, we also got to hear from some local talent talk about their unique demands being in the spotlight, plus there was unlimited inspiration along the way, from beginning to end.  

The lineup of speakers was amazing. Kevin Frankish from BT Toronto (who I have been watching for most of his 25 years on T.V) was only feet from me as he had a heart-felt talk about where social media and television stand today and where they are heading tomorrow. 

Next up, was Tyler who talked about Disney’s Diamond Celebration this year. The World of Colour, Paint the Night are a few ways Disney is taking something from the past and applying it to the future. Prepare to be dazzled! 

Erin is the social media director of Disney Parks. Like all the Disney crew, she is proud of her role and her passion for Disney shined through. She talked about the Disney Parks Blog and how it all comes together. With 40 posts a month you can trust she has found a system that works. The part of her presentation that warmed my heart was when she spoke about her favourite pictures they have featured over the years.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto

When Chris Doyle from Twitter Canada stepped forward to talk to us I knew we would learn a thing or two along the way. With 1 billion tweets sent every two days, his presence in a room full of social media enthusiasts was and honour! He shared some examples of brands who are using Twitter right and the power of a tweet. Here are a few tips from Chris – Use organic hashtags in your tweets. Use photos, videos or ask a question. 

Janice from Franchise Development shared something Disney will be unleashing soon that is completely top secret. But promise me, mothers, you will love what Disney has in store! 

A few ladies from The Social talked with the group about how they handle negativity through social media. It was a girlfriend to girlfriend kind of talk.

Plus, we got a sneak peek from Barb into some of Disney, Pixar and Marvel’s latest films in the works. I cannot wait to see them all with my children but I am most excited about Ellen DeGeneres staring in Finding Dory. 

Mickey Mouse! 

A Disney event wouldn’t be complete without the boss himself. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the only mouse’s I fancy. He was super cute and full of spunk! 

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto

Huge thank you to the Disney Canada team for sprinkling pixie dust my way and making my dream come true. It truly was a magical day and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto!  

Did you know Disney has a planning tool filled with tips, offers and so much more – Visit Disney Preschool

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What is your favorite Disney movie or memory? 

Thanks for reading In R Dream! 

8 thoughts on “My Dream Come True! Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Toronto #DisneySMMC”

  • Sounds like this was a really fun event with lots of friends at long last getting to meet each other – so sorry to hear that you missed out on this Suzanne.

  • Thank you for sharing what a wonderful, magical day you had Tammy! I am still bummed I could not attend in the end and meet you, but I am so happy that you got to experience all of this. Disney does it right, all the time and this was no exception. I love that they brought in such a diverse group of speakers and you have some great photos to prove it! I’d be framing the one of you and the Big Cheese!

  • What a great re-cap of an amazing day, Tammy! My fav Disney movie is definitely Cinderella (it has been since I was little) and I am enamoured with the live-action remake! One of my best Disney memories was taking my kids to Disneyland – the looks of wonder on their faces is something I’ll never forget! Another fav memory was, of course, attending Disney Social Media Moms OTR with you and all of the other amazing bloggers!!

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