Exploring The Family Adventure Park At Horseshoe Resort Ontario #DoTheShoe

Exploring The Family Adventure Park At Horseshoe Resort Ontario #DoTheShoe

It occurred to me this year that we have in fact, turned the page on a new chapter in our lives. Our youngest is 4 now and with that comes the chance to experience life with a little more adventure in our forecast. You may have read my Adventure Seeking post when we placed the kids into day camp for the day and enjoyed a date like no other.

This time, I will be sharing all the adventures we explored together with our four children at Horseshoe Resort Ontario this summer, as a family. 

Horseshoe Resort Ontario Adventure Park

You may think of Horseshoe Resort Ontario as your winter destination but they are a four season destination offering up so much more. Having made a goal this year, to rediscover our own backyard in Ontario, we did just that when we found Horseshoe Resort Ontario on the map as a summer destination. 

Only an hour north of the GTA and a hop, skip and jump from me in the Kawartha Lakes you will find Horseshoe Resort Ontario, where they have been conveniently located for over 50 years.

Horseshoe Resort has many main attractions to offer families and or romantic getaways but the one that made my life as mom of four easy and enjoyable was the Adventure Park. Only a short walk from your accommodations the Adventure Park has summertime fun for all ages.


Surrounded by nature on every corner, the Adventure Park is located at the ground of all it all. It is completely fenced in and a great place for young families to let the kids roam.

Highlands Climbing Tower

Our children have rock wall climbed before on a few different occasions, however the climbs were always timed and they felt pressured to go fast because of the long lines waiting for their turn. Our mid-week visit to the Adventure Park at Horseshoe Resort wasn’t too busy at all. If there was a line it was one or two people. For the most part the kids walked right up to the rock wall and climbed as many times as they wished.


I was so proud of them all. By the 2nd day of climbing the two older children were climbing to the top each turn. The younger two boys pushed themselves and had a blast getting reaching their personal goals. Even Mommy and Daddy were climbing, although I only made it 3/4 of the way before my fun ended, of course Daddy hit the top.

Horseshoe Resort Ontario the Adventure is waiting for you a hour from Toronto. Affordable Family Travel filled with fun!

Commando Obstacle Course

Typically when I see blown up obstacles the kids go through a handful of times and we move on. I never have had any interest in climbing in myself. That all changed when the giggles and competition begun in the Commando Obstacle Course at Horseshoe Resort. I lost track of the amount of times each of us raced to the end of the course. We climbed, rolled, slid through and I felt like a kid again.

45-Horseshoe Summer 20152

Western Whip Euro Bungy

What is a Western Whip Euro Bungy? Harnessed in, you control how high you soar by pushing off of a trampoline. You can perform flips and soar high into the sky and experience the feeling of free falling from the Western Whip Euro Bungee.

This is one of the few attractions that they offer that has an age and weight restriction. Rider must be 13 years of age or under and be between 20 and 120lbs. I was a little disappointed because it looked like such a blast, that mommy too wanted to join in the fun!

After the first few times the boys got so comfortable they were whipping around doing circles on the Euro Bungy. Even our Little O at 4 found much amusement in achieving his goal of flipping.

6-Horseshoe Summer 20157

Red Horse Maze

Off to the side at the entrance of the Adventure Park lies a 3000 square foot maze. When a maze comes with an observation deck you can be sure it will be harder than you think. Throughout the maze to add excitement are 4 points to stamp a card that spells MAZE. Once you receive all your stamps you’re free to find the exit. You can also time your exit by time stamping your card at the entrance and exit. Can you beat your time? 

After a few exits as a family the kids still wanted to keep going. At first I didn’t want to let the kids roam without me or daddy, but quickly I learnt that although it is a maze, it is safe and actually fun to stand on the observation deck and watch the kids run from dead end to dead end, trying to beat their time. They had a blast and never once was there a panic.

Red Horse Maze

The fun doesn’t end there, we haven’t even covered off Ridge Top Mini Golf, Pony Play Fort, Paddle Boats, Archery Range, Lil’ Climbin’ Boulder that all come with your Summer Access Pass that allows you to play all day!

If you purchase a mining bag you can also add the Red Horse Mining Co. to your adventures. Our kids did race through this event, however 1 month later they still are looking at their finds and showing them off.

Plus, you remember the Skyline Zip Line that I talked about in this Summer Adventure at Horseshoe post? The one time access price also includes 1 Skyline Zip for those who are between 75lbs -250 lbs.

Horseshoe Resort Ontario Fastest zip line

Mom to Mom

“As a mom of a bunch of little kids I get the fact that taking them to an adventure park may sounds like you are asking for stress. Based on our mini week experience at Horseshoe Resort it in fact was relaxing. They have a lot of staff on hand in the adventure park and since the events are so close together there were times we pulled up a Muskoka chair and watched the kids between 2 or 3 different events at the same time. I continued to say to my husband how peaceful the whole experience was for our big family. 

We are early risers and like to get an early start to each day. If you are like us be warned the Adventure Park doesn’t open till 11am M-F and 10am on the weekends. Which we found to be very late when you have little children breaking down the door at the peak of light. Although it turned into a positive for our family, it gave us a chance to enjoy the pool and hike the grounds before the adventure begun. It also gave us time to ease into the day, which is something we typically wouldn’t do.”

Horse Barn

Before we left it only seemed suiting well at Horseshoe Resort to take a walk over to the Horse Barn and pet the Horses. Next time, I’d love to take Miss C for a Horseback ride throughout the scenic forest. These beautiful creatures always leave me in awe when I can embrace their presence.

Horseshoe resort Ontario, Horse Barn

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Thank you for reading In R Dream! 

Our family was welcomed to experience all the resort had to offer families. As always opinions are my own.

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