Summer Adventure Seeking at Horseshoe Resort Ontario #DoTheShoe

Summer Adventure Seeking at Horseshoe Resort Ontario #DoTheShoe

This past year we have been really getting to know our own backyard and have rediscovered play throughout Ontario. From lazy Sunday’s in our Kawartha Lakes backyard to skating in the lush forest of Muskoka.

Off to Day Camp They Go…

Our recent family travel landed us only an hour from Toronto, at Horseshoe Resort in Barrie. During the summer months Horseshoe Resort offers up a Kids Korral Adventure Camp for children between 4-14 years old. You can book a full day or half day whichever suits you needs. Since it has been a while since hubby and I had a day to ourselves, we booked a full day camp for all 4 of our children. We knew they would be in safe hands and have piles of fun. Plus it would give us the opportunity to be the kids again, together.

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So what did Mama and Dada do with a whole day to ourselves? Well to be honest we had some downtime till our first appointment, where we looked at each other and thought “humm…what did we do before kids?” We grabbed a couple teas and lounged out in the sun and listened to the birds chirp. That was short and sweet because of day was jammed pack with adventure.

Ride Guides at Horseshoe Resort Ontario

We met with Sarah from Ride Guides Bike Tours for an introduction to Cross Country biking. First off, Sarah walked us through some critical skills which actually was full of new tips and tricks to biking. Have you learnt any new tips since your time as a little 4 or 5 year old learning to ride a bike scraping up your knees?

Nope, I haven’t till meeting Sarah, who taught me some tips and tricks I plan on using for the rest of my bike riding days. Sarah guided us through the Copeland Forest, on rustic, flowy Single-track and Double-track. It was so peaceful and nature was thick on every corner.

Horseshoe Resort Ride Guides Tour through Copeland Forest

I will admit the tour went quick and after completing approx. 10 km my legs were burning but I was very proud of myself for hopping on and just doing it! Sarah is an amazing teacher and her passion shines through during the whole guided tour. She shared some history about the Copeland Forest as we drove through and she was very easy to get along with. Thank you Sarah for building this memory with us.

Will I do this again? I surprised myself and found a new love in cross country biking. Even this weekend I thought about riding the trails. It really feed something inside of me, that I cannot wait to feel again. 

Treetop Trekking at Horseshoe Resort Ontario

Next up, with minutes in between, we hiked up to the Treetop Trekking. Did you know? Treetop Trekking just celebrated their 10 year anniversary with Horseshoe Resort Ontario and this location was their first in Ontario.

On our 10 wedding anniversary hubby surprised me with a treetop experience. I felt like I was experienced coming into this, having already done something similar. Man was I wrong. Treetop Trekking is nothing like a “walk through the clouds” it is the modern day Tarzan experience, filled with aerial games, obstacle course in the sky, plus zip lines to mix it all up.

The experienced staff walk you through a quick introduction and you get to know your equipment as a group. Then you each take turns completing a “baby” course low to the ground. Once that is done you have a few beginner courses that you mandatory have to run through before moving on to higher and harder courses.

Horseshoe resort Treetop Trekking Review in Barrie Ontario Travel

Together we completed the purple course and I knew it was pushing my body to its maximum. Once you are up in the sky there is no way down but to complete the course. Did you know? The whole course is built without a nail or any harm into nature. It really is amazing to see what they have built around the trees.

What I learnt about my experience Treetop Trekking is although your need to have upper and lower body strength to get through each course, you also need to tune into the strength in your mind to push you from A-B. I firmly believe my mind is what got me through all these obstacles, like tightrope walking.

Horseshoe resort Treetop Trekking Review in Barrie Ontario Travel

When we completed the purple course hubby moved on solo to the black course. Which is much higher and the ropes are looser than the purple course. I knew my body had reached its finish point and I sat this one out. I am so glad he got to continue and I watch him work his way through, looking from the ground up.

Would I do this again? Oh ya! It was an amazing experience, to push myself to a level of strength I have yet to feel. I feel stronger mentally and physically after having experienced Treetop Trekking. On a side note, building this memory with my husband and spending this type of quality time together, just makes me happy.

Skyline Zip Line at Horseshoe Resort Ontario

For you adventure seekers, no visit to Horseshoe Resort Ontario is complete without soaring an incredible 2,075 feet down on the fastest zip line in Ontario. As part of your Adventure Park ticket if you weigh between 75lbs and 250lbs you can experience 40mph speeds as your soar through the sky.

Horseshoe Resort Ontario Fastest zip line

I have to admit of all the adventures we completed during our stay this one tested my nervous the most. The chair lift alone, played with my emotions as we slowly climbed the hill. As I geared up in my harness I couldn’t stop thinking about my children, double checking, triple checking to make sure everything was safe. The hardest part of my whole Skyline Zip Line experience was that first push off. Once you are soaring through the sky and the speed picks up, you cannot help but scream like a kid again.

Would I do it again? Yep, I sure would. Because that feeling of being a kid again, just makes you feel so free!

Stay tuned for more adventures from our stay at Horseshoe Resort Ontario.  

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26 thoughts on “Summer Adventure Seeking at Horseshoe Resort Ontario #DoTheShoe”

    • Laurie is was amazing. It took a lot of my bravery to do it, but I am so happy I did! Please let me know when you make it to Horseshoe Resort. I’d love to hear about it!

  • I would love to try the Treetop Trekking! Not sure i could do the Zipline though. Having the trees all around me would help with my fear of heights. Good way to challenge myself, right?

    So glad you had a great time with your man and were able to send the kids to day camp. I am sure they had a blast as well!

    • The thing about Treetop Trekking is they actually have zip lines throughout the course. Small ones but they are there. I think it would help with your fear for sure! Yes I loved my time and so happy the kids did too.

  • Loved this post! What an amazing way to spend a day with your hubby kid free! Love your determination, mindset and courage!

  • First of all on a side note can I just say I like that this site loads fast for me every time. It drives me bonkers when searching for a good read and the load time is slow. This adventure looks so fun! I didn’t know they had a day camp so that’s awesome. Plus hello?? Zip lining and treetop trekking – ??? My husband would LOVE that.

    • YAY for quick! I like quick too. Thanks Paula. It was awesome and yes day camp made it possible for us to reconnect and seek adult adventure!

  • Sounds like a blast!!! I love ziplines and treetop treks. 🙂 And I agree with you – it’s great to be kid-free sometimes and just have fun with your hubby! I can’t wait until our girls are old enough to do camp. This year, they are doing a bunch of summer daycamps (one full-day camp for our 7yo and a few part-day camps for our 5yo) and we’ve heard of some great overnight summer camps we’d like to send them on when they’re old enough. Thanks for sharing about this one! 🙂

    • This year was our first time doing summer camps too. It really is a lot of fun for them to attend. It sure was a blast Bonnie. Thanks for swinging by!

  • I didn’t realize all those options were available at Horseshoe Valley! Sounds like fun for the whole Family!

    • I know, right? I didn’t either till recently. I am SO glad I learnt about all Horseshoe resort has in the summer months. Plus it is so close too!

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