Halfway Through Summer and Keeping Stress Away #ONatural

Halfway Through Summer and Keeping Stress Away #ONatural

As I write this we are at our half point of summer already and I am in a bit of denial. I absolutely love summer. Having my four children home for two straight months can be “stressful” at times but really I am happiest most when my birdies are in my nest.

Keeping Stress Away

I try to keep the stress away by drinking lots of water, taking a “me” moment when hubby walks in after work, we hire a cleaner to help do the deep cleans for me during the summer months. Eating a well-balanced meals and taking my vitamins are so important to keeping me balanced when the kids are home. But I notice that when I remember to start my day with a few drops of Orange Naturals Rhodiola under my tongue first thing in the morning, stress doesn’t overtake me and I can handle the sibling rivalry that comes my way. Which in turn makes room for hugs, kisses and snuggles when we all need one most.

Looking for some Stress remedies? Orange Naturals has some Homeopathics for stress that will help you see the brighter side of things.

Summertime Play

This summer we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to seek adventure and rediscover Ontario and enjoy some mindful moments as a family, away from the bustle and hustle of being home. I would love to be a full time tourist and explore, discover all there is to see and do. But responsibilities then pile up and the weeds don’t pull them self out.

Summertime Work

When we are not off camping or playing tourist we are pulling weeds from one of our six flower beds, cutting grass on our four country acres, weeding, harvesting and eating from our huge vegetable garden.

Country garden, Big Vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden

We are building, improving our investment and fixing the odd jobs that pile up on your to-do list.

All work no play, Kawartha lakes Country yard, building a playcenter

Completing Tasks in the Country

Summertime Happiness

As much as it keeps us busy living in the country, mindful summer moments like this, remind me that all the hard work is worth it for our four children.

Kids Canoeing, Splashing in the pond. Kawartha Lakes Pond, Country living in Kawartha Lakes

Child ATV looking up at Daddy

Hammock reading

Orange Naturals has your summer health needs covered!

Are you prone to bug bites? Check out our Bites+Stings homeopathic formulas – available in liquid for kids, adults and new cream form (which I cannot wait to try!)

Each morning the first thing I do when I wake is, I drop a few drops of Orange Naturals Rhodiola under my tongue, I take this Probiotic and drink two cups of water. Did you know? Probiotics are important for keeping your digestive system happy. Make your Kids this Homemade Probiotic Ice Tea to keep those nasty bugs at bay. 

The #ONatural newsletter always grabs my attention which is full of health tips, tricks, recipes, that will get you thinking! 

Plus, if you’re looking for alternative health ideas check out the #ONatural Blog for great articles written by Naturopathic Doctors, a Homeopath and a Nutritionist. Have you ever picked up a vegetable in the farmers market and thought, humm… what is this? This article called Exotic Vegetables 101 you just may find interesting. 

If you haven’t already, swing by the Orange Naturals Facebook page for more inspiration and a chance to have your questions answered.

What has your summer looked like so far?

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

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