Rediscover Play as a Tourist Throughout Ontario

It seems these days we are rediscovering all types of play. Even the chores are turned into play at home. Today, counting beans as we picked them from the garden became playtime for Little O and I and he had no clue it was school work that was happening. Putting away laundry becomes play when it is a race to see who can do it the quickest.

Rediscover Play as a Tourist Throughout Ontario

As a family we try to play hard daily but when we take a road trip that is when we actually can rediscover mindful play as a family. Mommy and Daddy are unplugged from work and the kids get our undivided attention. These are my favor moments from our recent road trips throughout Ontario this spring and summer.

Want to Play in Collingwood, Ontario

This spring we planned a family bike ride through new trails in Collingwood, Ontario. We explore a new side of Collingwood, behind the scenes with nature.

Canadian Blogger Family Bike riding in Collingwood #WannaPlay

When we were in Collingwood, we also rock jumped out the one-mile rock face that looked across from the famous Collingwood shipping building.

Rock jumping Shores of Collingwood

Want to Play in Ontario Parks

Recently, we went camping with some family at Emily Park in Ontario. We all had a chance to keep active and play when we rented some kayaks.

Kayaking Emily Park, Ontario Parks, Canada Lifestyle Blogger

The shoreline was filled with nature, and the kids had so much fun just being mindful in the moment, playing on the lake.

Kayaking Emily Park, Ontario Parks, Canada Lifestyle Blogger

Sometimes playtime is a little stroll with Grandpa and Daddy.

Walking Emily Park, Ontario Parks, Canada Lifestyle Blogger

Or active play means a walk with Mommy and Grandma surrounded by nature at Mcrae Park, Ontario.

Walking Mcrae Park, Ontario Parks, Canada Lifestyle Blogger

Want to Play in Blue Mountain, Ontario

Does off-roading in Blue Mountain count as an active play? I have to say it does because it gets your adrenaline running into high gear. An experience like this is shared best with your family.

Off Roading in Blue Mountain

Want to Play in Kingston, Ontario

Well, we were playing tourist this summer in Kingston, Ontario, we also played school at Fort Henry.

Playing school at Fort Henry Kingston Ontario, KOA Kingston Camping,  Canada Lifestyle Blogger

Well, we were strolling the fascinating history of Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario we played with a real magician.

Kingston Ontario street Magician, KOA Kingston Camping,  Canada Lifestyle Blogger

Do you #WannaPlay?

Photo Challenge Contest

This summer Canadian Tire is rallying us Canadians to rediscover play. How do you play as a family? 

Canadian Tire has launched a 30 Day #WannaPlay Photo Challenge Contest.

Each day there will be a winner!

Hurry up the photo challenge ends August 4th, 2015.

To participate it is simple:

  • Upload a playing/sport themed photo to your personal Instagram or Twitter account.
  • Tag @CanadianTire and use the hashtag #WannaPlay.
  • The finer details are listed here.

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  1. Darlene W says:

    Proud to live in Ontario, so many things to do and see

  2. ruth moreira-lozon says:

    what a great article! showcases so many different activities to be done in this beautiful province of ours 🙂 Thanks very much!

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    These are such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!


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