Free Science Printables To Inspire STEM with your Children

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It wasn’t till I was an adult did I find the whole world of science interesting. As a child I don’t remember being introduced to much more than what science we did in school and that I don’t remember being too in depth. Today, I am fascinated by the world of science. I ponder the hows and whys I still have no clue as to even the simplest of answers. The funny thing is my kids know more than I do about Science and they love it far more than I ever did when I was their age.makes me proud and smile as a parent because the doors to their future is still so wide!

Our daughter especially loves science, she is forever asking the whys and hows and she even takes it one step further and comes up with her own explanation of the questions asked. If you asked her four years ago what she wanted to be when she grew up, it was a Scientist. Even today she still has that answer on her top three list.

As a parent I find it important to introduce our children to as much of the world around them as I can. From moments as simple as watching wildlife roam our backyard to Googling the answers to curious questions they ask.

Wild Turkeys in backyard. Kids watching Turkeys play

Free Science Printables

I rely on websites to help me inspire my children when it comes to experiences in the world of science. Actua, a national Canadian charity, has shared with Energizer some hands-on STEM activities that children can do with their parents. These transformational experiences are for Canadian youth aged 6 to 16 years which focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Together they have provided free enriching worksheet that are available online for parents to use to help inspire your children – STEM Experiences can be found here.

Actua is a registered charity with a twenty-year track record of success in providing hands-on, interactive education enrichment experiences in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) to Canadian youth aged 6 to 16 years.

Since Actua is a registered charity with a twenty-year track record of success in providing hands-on, interactive education enrichment experiences in this field, you can be sure these worksheets will keep your children busy and inspired. The website is very easy to use and is broken down in four categories; science, technology, engineering and math.

I printed off a few of the free worksheets for the kids to work on and they were easy enough for the older kids to follow and lead the younger children through with little assistance from mommy. The free printable colouring pages were also a hit once the science experiments where all done.

Free Printable Science Sheets for kids

Recently, Energizer did something that I would have assumed to be impossible. Their dream came true and today using – these skills resulted in the new Energizer® EcoAdvancedTM battery, the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries.  The result has been a huge success and Energizer® EcoAdvancedTM battery is Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline battery to date!

Let your children explore the world of science and discover a whole new world beyond their own. These free enriching worksheets are available online for you to use to help inspire your children – STEM Experiences can be found here.

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(Although this post is sponsored, as always my story, opinions and inspiration have been twisted in to share a great opportunity for you and your children.)


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