See What You’ve Been Missing: Netgear Arlo Home Security System

See What You’ve Been Missing: Netgear Arlo Home Security System

Disclaimer: I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

The winter is gone and the children want to go outside and play, from dusk till dawn. If you live in a boxed in backyard in the urban city that may make you smile. For me, it makes me cringe. We live on four acres which is not the problem, the problem is the huge pond that is smack in the middle of our yard that throws me into an anxiety attack each time they ask to go outside and play.

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Recently, I have admitted to being a helicopter mom that likes to keep my four little birdies nice and close to their nest. Sending them off to play outside means mommy needs to also be outside playing to make sure they make choices that don’t have them chasing a soccer ball to towards the pond. When you’re in the heat of the summer and trying to keep the children active and entertained, I can promise you something when it is lunch time and they are playing so well the last thing you want to do is ask them to come inside so you can fix lunch, right?

catching Tadpoles in backyard pond Giving Confidence Where You Need It!

When I was introduced to Netgear Arlo Home Security Systems I knew the live video feed would help me take away some of the anxiety I feel about my little people playing outside when mommy has to be out of sight for a few minutes.

Netgear Arlo Home Security System comes with two cameras. The hardest part about installing the Security System was picking a spot to place both cameras. We decided on placing one camera in the house overlooking the playroom and the kid’s bedrooms in our raised bungalow. The next spot was at the top of our big driveway, far from the pond where the kids can ride their bikes and colour pictures with caulk if I need to run inside for a few moments.

Arlo And The WoW Effect

Once the locations were agreed upon my hubby went off the set up our new Netgear Arlo Home Security System. Since it is 100% Wire-Free he could place our Arlo cameras absolutely anywhere. There were no cords to limit how or where we used them. We love the fact that each Arlo camera is weatherproof which gave us the confidence to place the Arlo cameras outdoors without a second thought. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Arlo is designed to withstand severe weather conditions (14°F to 122°F). Set up was so seamless after only about 15 minutes he came walking in with a smile on his face saying “That was easy.” 

Motion Alerts When You Are Not Alert

During set up we were happy to learn that with each Arlo security camera you set up you can program it for motion alerts. Arlo records and alerts only when motion is detected so no battery power ever goes wasted. The intuitive Arlo mobile app gives you total control of when and how often you hear from Arlo. We set our cameras for a motion alert daily after 8 pm. When Arlo detects motion after your set time the alert goes off and you receive a notification, along with a still shot picture and 10 second video that gives you the peace of mind about what or who just crossed the path of your Arlo security camera. 

Netgear Arlo Home Security System review Up In The Cloud

Netgear has thought of everything including cloud storage, which allows you to view, save or share cloud recordings made anytime within the last 7 days for free. If you need more cloud storage you can upgrade for even more storage and features if you choose.

Once You Receive Quality You Expect It

Now that the camera were all set and synced to our current Netgear account we sat back and watched the crystal clear 720p video that captures every detail in a 110-degree field of view in beautiful HD quality. The 110-degree field of view allows for you to see a wider view giving you more than what is in front of you and your Arlo security camera.

Arlo Sees In The Dark

Alro also comes with night vision that monitors in the dark without the need for additional lighting. The 850nm LEDs capabilities and infrared cut-off filters, Arlo keeps a watchful eye on everything even in total darkness in the middle of the night.

Netgear Arlo Home Security System review “The confidence I have gained since using Netgear Arlo Home Security System has been life changing. Allowing me to put down my helicopter tendencies when my children are playing outside is a bonus for our whole family. Plus the fact that Arlo shows me what we have been missing when our eyes are close. Is just icing on the cake and a piece of mind for every parent.” 

What are your eyes missing?

Intrigued to learn more?

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Disclaimer: I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review. NETGEAR Ambassador

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