Keeping Active as a Family #PlayAdvocate Giveaway

Keeping Active as a Family #PlayAdvocate Giveaway

This past weekend we got the most out of this beautiful sunshine Mother Nature has blessed us with. As a family we worked in the gardens together planting, weeding and of course taking time to smell the flowers. However, the children would tell you the highlight of their weekend was when we went on a bike ride together as a family. Our children would live outside in the warmer months if I let them. From the moment they get off the school bus they are asking to play. I too remember the desire to play outside from morning to dawn as a child.

Keeping Active as a Family

For some families the desire to play outside doesn’t come naturally. If your children rather be inside, here are a few tips to help get you and your children loving the outdoors together. It all starts with you mom and dad!

Learn new skills

Learning to ride a bike is a major milestone for any child. Our three oldest are now all riding two-wheeler bikes and the youngest just started with training wheels. I still remember the first time I rode my two-wheeler bike when I was in SK. Besides for teaching children independence it also teaches perseverance and bravery to keep up on those two wheels. Just as my husband does with our children, and I did with my father this is precious bonding time and it will build memories that they will hold onto for a lifetime.

Get the kids outside. Biking as a family. Playing together.

Shed winter routines

It’s time to celebrate the longer days and soak in some vitamin D as a family. After dinner when homework and chores are complete, why not take a short walk as a family or head to your favourite local park? Starting with even 15 minutes of outdoor play a few times a week will help you and your family break away from your indoor-focused winter routines. Adding this short walk or play as part of your routine will have everyone feeling much better after a long busy day.

Break out the outdoor toys

It is time to for the kids to break out their favourite toys from last summer and/or pick up some new hot outdoor toys to keep them inspired. Over the weekend pull out all the outdoor toys from storage and have your little ones help you. Together you can even make it fun by having your child run a toy car wash to clean away all the dirt and buildup from the winter.

How are you Keeping Active as a Family?

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