Winter Activity Ideas to #MakeRoomForPlay + Mama’s Tips to Enjoy it!

Sometimes our Canadian winters seem to drag on forever. I use to joke that once winter arrived I would go into hibernation like bears do – this joke actually was the truth. Winter has never been my favorite season. I am not the best on skates, although I try to enjoy it for my children and husband. I never was introduced to skiing or snowboarding until recently so I assumed I would hate it (although now I love it.)

Mom’s Tip

Recently, I found my love of winter and I believe a big part of that came from my new snow gear. This may sound weird but my biggest tip to all the mom’s out there hibernating this winter is to invest in warm boots, stylist snowpants and coat, plus you need matching accessories. This year is the first year I have all invested in those pieces of winter gear and I have to say I have found a new love of winter I never knew was inside me. I have been fully engaged in my childrens playtime outside and it has felt great. It has allowed me to be mindful in the memories they are making. The best part I will now be in those memories.

Winter Activity Ideas

If your looking for some winter activities ideas I have came across a list from that will take the challeng out of figuring out what to do with the family in the colder months. Stop fighting Mother Nature, embrace nature’s winter wonderland! Here are some ideas to get your family playing and moving – inside and out – all winter long.

Grab a sled and cruise down a slope.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION

Build a snow fort.

Take a walk with your kids and teach them about animal prints in the snow.

Build a snow castle. Make this summer pastime a fun winter experience.

Strap on your skis or snowshoes and hit the trails.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION


Build a snowman.

Ice skate with the family.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION

Make a snow angel, or two, or three.

Bury some goodies in the snow in a cooler, create a treasure map and send your kids on a hunt for buried treasures.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION

Pretend you are an Arctic explorer and make some important outdoor discoveries.

Play a game of hockey in your driveway or head to a rink with friends.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION

Find a way to make winter chores, like shoveling snow, fun. Take turns shoveling the driveway.

Take a hike. Get off the beaten trail and explore nature’s winter wonderland.

Create a winter obstacle course in your backyard or at a park.

Fill some spray bottles with warm water tinted with food colouring and have your kids “paint” your backyard or a nearby park. Snow makes the perfect blank canvas! Kids LOVE this activity.

Create a Winters Canvas

Make a snow bakeshop! Take baking pans and molds from the kitchen outdoors so they could make snow cakes, muffins, pies and other treats.

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION  ParticipACTION

Have a snowball toss! Create a target in the snow using food colouring (like a big red dot, or a giant “X”) and then roll some snowballs and practice hitting your target.

Visit for more ways to take action and make room for play and more winter activity ideas.

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  1. Darlene W says:

    I love to do outdoor activities with the grandkids during the winter. we have even gone on a scavenger hunt (clue sheet laminated)

  2. kathy downey says:

    We are making a snowman fence if the weather holes up

  3. Freeze ice cubes coloured with food colouring, throw them out in the snow, and let the kids go digging for them….

    • Tanya this is a simple but wonderful idea! I cannot wait to do this with the kids. If we still have snow on March break I will be putting this idea to use. Thanks for sharing!

  4. loucheryl says:

    I have made a date with my 5 year old son for tomorrow. We are going to the beach to check out some of the cool Lifeguard warming stations artists have created this Winter. We can’t wait. 🙂


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