Fluffy Gluten-Free Banana Pancake Recipe made with Almond Breeze #CoolerwithAlmondBreeze

Fluffy Gluten-Free Banana Pancake Recipe made with Almond Breeze #CoolerwithAlmondBreeze

You may remember last month’s post where I shared a Classic Vanilla Smoothie recipe? It is also where I shared my love of Almond Breeze and told you about the challenge I was invited to take part in. Our 30 days are officially up and Almond Breeze was replaced completely with all dairy in our home. Actually since October 2014 all dairy in our home has been replaced by Almond Breeze and our health has benefited from it. Now I am not going to get all technical here, you can do your own research and see if removing 100% of milk from your diet is what will benefit your family. But I will tell you from our experience how it has benefited our family.

A Busy Boy Gone Dairy Free

We have always had one child who was busy. He was running since he could walk and never looked back over his shoulders. His focus was clearly fogged and we have always worried about him being labelled once he started school. His first year of JK was the year we worked with his school eliminating from his diet to see if food was something that was feeding his busyness.

First we eliminated the obvious sugar and red dyes which are everywhere in everything our children consume. We seen some progress and we decided to completely eliminate dairy from his diet to see if further results would appear. We did this without medical supervision and only on facts I have gathered from intensive Google searching, plus following our gut instinct that what you eat has a huge effect on your actions and health. That happened two years ago. It has been two years since we stopped giving him milk at dinner with his siblings and he stopped eating yogurt at snack time.

From Busy Boy to a Calm Boy

Our little boy went from being the one that I was constantly hovering over, chasing and grieving about to a complete 360. Today he is our most focused child who listens, walks beside us in public and follows all the rules we put forth. It has truly been mind boggling to watch his transformation and at the same time so rewarding.

This process was not smooth and it was extremely difficult to put into action. Today when we are out and we okay dairy or sugar in his diet, his old ways quickly take place as a reminder that we have found his trigger points and we need to keep up with the discipline of this diet moving forward.

Fluffy Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes made with Almond Breeze

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes, Fluffy Dairy Free Pancakes

Each Sunday hubby makes pancakes for the whole family. Since we have gone completely Gluten and Dairy free this has been a challenge for him. Although there are some wonderful recipes out there, they never seem to be fluffy like a pancake is known to be. I was thrilled when I came up with this Fluffy gluten-free banana pancake recipe that puts the fluff back into healthy pancakes.

Of course for our big family we double the recipe and it makes enough for all six of us to feel full.

Shift together 2 cups all-purpose gluten free flour ( I use the brand my local Bulk Barn sells) 1/4 tsp X ladder gum, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt and set it aside. Next, mix 1/4 cup sugar ( I use stevia or xylitol) and 2 tbsp melted butter (although we eat dairy free, butter in small quantities doesn’t seem to affect our diet.) Next, beat 2 eggs, 1.5 cups almond milk and 1 tsp Vanilla into the wet mixture.

Combine the wet mixture and dry mixtures. Once they are completely incorporated add in your 1 or 2 ripe mashed bananas. These can be made with bananas or without. When I have over ripe bananas sitting on the counter I mash them up and toss them in. At the same time you can add blueberries or chocolate chips, the possibilities are endless.

Cook in a hot pan. I add a swirl of coconut oil to the pan and cook as you would with any pancake. Each pan and stove is different you will have to find the perfect setting for yourself. I use one notch below medium to cook a golden pancake on my stove.

Swirl with real Canadian Maple Syrup and enjoy!

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes, Fluffy Dairy Free Pancakes, Fluffy Banana Pancakes, Fluffy Gluten Free banana Pancakes

The substitute it simple, everywhere you use Dairy use Almond Breeze.  Here are a few ways we have used Almond Breeze these past 30 days. 

Almond Breeze in replace of Milk

Almond Breeze is… A Source of Calcium | Lactose Free | Gluten Free | Dairy Free. Plus Almond Breeze beverages are available in both refrigerated and shelf stable sections at your local grocer.

I dare you…to to integrate Almond Breeze into your everyday. Share your experience using hashtag #CoolerwithAlmondBreeze on your social media channel of choice.

Thank you for reading In R Dream!

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