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Burrr, Winter Is Here Canada!

Baby it’s cold outside! This past
weekend we replaced flip-flops and caps with winter boots and toques. The next
six months are not my favorite time of year, but I am keeping positive as I
gear up for our upcoming long, cold Canadian winter. As long as my hands and feet
are warm, I can brave our rural Ontario conditions with a smile. I will be keeping
up with four kids (who host lots of snow ball fights) which will require warm
and quality winter gear.  

I have fallen in love with my new
winter boots from Tender Tootsies.

Tender Tootsies is a Canadian owned company that was founded in the
1940s. This suggests they already know how cold it gets here in Canada, giving
me confidence they will keep my Tender Tootsies warm!

“The first time I put my foot
into my new pair of
Wanderlust Sweden Tender Tootsies
my feet melted with warmth. 
They felt strong, yet
extremely comfortable—a combination that is very hard to find in a winter boot.
I am extremely impressed with the quality from Tender Tootsies; you can see the
workmanship that is built into every inch. The stitching, seams, durable
fabric, ice gripping sole, warm and fuzzy interior, these boots are made for us

Tender Tootsies are really comfortable
women’s shoes that look great and don’t cost an arm and a leg. As a stay-at-home
mom price is extremely important to me when choosing foot wear for me and
family. I look for quality and at a budget-friendly price point and Tender
Tootsies fits both my needs.o


Tender Tootsies are so comfortable—it’s
hard to take my boots off at the front door. Because Tender Tootsies seems
familiar with this dilemma, they sent me a pair of slippers to try as well.
With a rubber grip bottom and form-fitting design these slippers help me run
miles all day long while chasing our toddler around the house. Tender Tootsies
keep my feet comfortable for all of the many flights of stairs I climb
up and down right up till bedtime. I adore knowing that wherever you are, your
Tender Tootsies will be there with you. Yes, they’re that comfy!

Long History, Meaningful Relationships

Besides inventing an amazing shoe and
serving Canadians since
1940, Earl Lyons’ entrepreneur drive created a company that always
kept a strong focus on customer service. In the early days, birthday cards were
sent to customers and you could often find Earl in stores handing out ice cream
to shoppers. Reading this gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. As a small-town girl
it’s important to me to have those meaningful relationships that stand out
during my day. I would have really enjoyed being the recipient of such kindness
from Earl Lyons in those early days; it makes me smile to daydream about his thoughtfulness.

Family Ties

Tender Tootsies is run like a family
and is based on integrity and honesty. Having a family business of our own I
understand the desire to run a business with high morals and values. Earl
introduced the first significant bonus plan for employees in Canada and today
they continue to support all employees, including at their domestic
manufacturing facility in Glencoe, Ontario.

Comfort All A Round

Being comfortable in your shoes is
just as important as being comfortable in your skin! This October, Tender
Tootsies launched a YouTube video channel featuring 3 original online videos of 
“Tracey.” These videos are full of humor and share a very meaningful point
for woman. Like Tracey, when you’re comfortable with yourself, it shows in
everything you do.

Find your comfort with Tender Tootsies, just as I have!

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