Embrace Your #RealBeauty With Dove Canada + Giveaway

Doves Limited Edition bottle set, Real Beauty, #realbeauty,

You're thin; I'm too fat! You have curves; I want some. The girl over there has the perfect chest; my breast are too big. I wish I looked as beautiful as you. We always think the grass (so to speak) is greener on the other side. Every woman’s version of beauty is different. Dove wants … [Read more...]

Is Your Hair Hungry For Something New? + #WholeBlends Twitter Party Date!

Garnier Whole Blends

Yes, like most women I do apply a little extra makeup on a Friday date night, but 95% of my time, I keep it simple with products that contain natural extracts. My hair is usually air dried and spun in a side knot, lipstick and earrings are a must. Having four children I have learned how to make a … [Read more...]

Take Your Mothers Day Gift To The Next Level + Giveway

• Fuse Gelnamel Kit: an at-home gel polish kit.

It is hard to believe we are a month into spring and Easter has already been and gone. You know what that means? Mother's Day is ar ound the corner and we all need to start thinking about the women who raised us. Before I became a Mother myself, Mother's Day didn't have as much meaning to me. Yes I … [Read more...]

Downy Challenges You! #RipYourClothesON #PGmom

Rip Your Clothes ON, Joe Fresh Relaxed fit Jersey, 100% rayon Shirts and Downy, P&G mom, PGmom

During my past 9 years being a stay/work at home mom I have learnt that although I am home, looking my best means feeling my best too. Most days I wake up long before the kids, shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed in real clothes (never sweats or plaid pants) and do my makeup. These are important … [Read more...]

Tips To Prepare For A Date Night Out

Benefits of Epsom salts, Dr Teal's epsom Salts, Stress reliever, Sleep booster

You've booked your babysitter for a night on the town with your Valentine. The day's leading up can be full of anxiety because for us busy mothers of little kids Date Night Happens or it Doesn't. Since date nights comes so few and far between they do deserve a new outfit, shoes or at least some new … [Read more...]

Hydrating Dry Winter Skin Woes: Complimentary Skin Analysis With The beautyRx Tool


More than Work I wrote about it before, that I actually worked at Shoppers Drug Mart for seven years through the end of high school part-time and it was actually the full-time job I took after high school. I loved it there. Those women I worked with were like family to me. They really helped me … [Read more...]

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls #GoodyTips

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls, Goody

This post is part of the YummyMummyClub.ca and Goody #GoodyTips sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. This may sound crazy but I had an intuition after our daughter … [Read more...]

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Shoppers Drug Mart

Cool Kid and Trendy Tots GIFTS MADE EASY At Your Local Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopping Style Over the years, my Christmas shopping style has changed a bit. Before kids, I worked in retail. One of those retail jobs was at Shoppers Drug Mart. I had all my shopping done long before Christmas was on the minds of most. I would grab fragrances for the women in my life and plush … [Read more...]

Is A Must Experience For Every Little Girl: Glama Gal Tween Spa

Glama Gal Tween Spa Review Glam Gal Ajax

Girl Time Required In a house full of boys our Miss C (8) makes it known to mommy that we need to take some time for us two girls. She leaves me the cuties little notes under my pillow or asks me when I snuggle her in bed at night. As much as we both love being around the four boys in our house we … [Read more...]

Dark Spots Happen: Arbonne RE9 Advanced® Anit-Aging Skincare Review

ARBONNE Anti-Aging Skin & Body Care Cosmetics Health & Wellness - Dark Aging spots gone

My heart strings pull when someone I know takes that leap into their own business, following a dream or reaching for a goal. Recently, I was invited to a girls night out to support a newly met friend, she started her new Arbonne business well being on maternity leave. Victoria told her story here in … [Read more...]