Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls #GoodyTips

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls #GoodyTips

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This may sound crazy but I had an intuition after our daughter was born that three boys would soon follow. They sure did and by the time Miss C was 5, she was the big sister to 3 little brothers. For mommy, that meant I only had the hair of one daughter to play with.

Throughout her first three years of school, I was ‘allowed’ to do whatever I would like with her hair. It was wonderful. Braiding was always my talent and something I could sit and do forever, it is so peaceful for me. This summer, Miss C cut off 15 inches of her long locks that she was growing since she was a baby and she donated them to Cancer to make wigs. It was a bittersweet moment for mommy because I knew once those long lock were gone I would be down to only braiding my own hair.

Little Girl Donating Hair to cancer

Tips for styling young girls’ hair

I received a lot of comments when Miss C was younger after I had done her hair for a party. Comments like: mine never would sit that long. Another one: her hair looks too silky to hold a curl or style. How did you come up with that? Alright the secret is coming out; here are my tips for styling young girls’ hair in one sitting.

Tips for doing little girls hair

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls

It has been four months since she generously donated her long locks to Cancer and finally I am able to squeeze an up-do out of her hair.

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls, Goody

The problem

You have the holiday dress, and the holiday shoes, but you forgot all about the holiday hairstyle. You are running late and need to do something with your little girl’s hair to complement her beautiful dress you spent hours shopping for.

The solution

Recently, I was introduced to a very helpful tool that will make your life much easier, mom! When you’re crunched for time and need an up-do in a matter of minutes, check out the Goody Tumblr where they will walk you through, step-by-step, to create a holiday hairstyle in a jiffy.

Today, I used a variety of hair accessories from the Goody Holiday Collection which features rich jewel tones. Our top pick is the Goody Holiday FashioNow  Flower Salon Clip with Bonus Elastics. I love that the Flower Salon Clip also has a safety pin and can be worn as a brooch as well.

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls, Goody Tutorial on YouTube

Since I had the movie Frozen playing front and center, I had the time to play around with her hair. Although I like each style I created, I finished with the Side Dish style from the Goody Tutorial on Tumblr. It was so easy and is our pick for the next holiday party.

Our Holiday Hairstyle Pick: Goody Side Dish

I was very impressed with The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Minis which allow you to easily achieve chic updo styles. In Miss C’s Side Dish I used two Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Minis to hold the look. Finished off with a cute accessory from the Goody Holiday Collection and of course a little hairspray and she was ready for the holiday party.

Another tip I have to share is that there are no rules to having fun with hair. Twist it, spin it, braid it, curl it, pull it tight, leave it loose, have fun! 

It’s the start of soirée season and now that you have ideas for your little one’s hair, we also want you to look stylish! Don’t let holidays stress stop you from having lovely locks. We’re going to help you tease, curl, and twirl your way to great style in less time than it takes to get into your party dress.

To start you off, visit YMC’s Frenzied Fashionista for quick and casual styles that will have you thinking outside the bun.

Looking for more Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls, take a peek here: Goody Tumblr. Check out the Goody Holiday Collection at your local Walmart, Target, Loblaws and London Drugs. 

Learn more on the Goody Website.

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  • This is great, thanks for sharing…..my girl has some crazy hair, and having been in a boys world for the last 16 yrs, I sometimes have no clue lol.

  • Thanks for the tips!! With 2 girls who need there hair up each day at school it can get “harry” around here in the mornings!! 🙂

  • You are certainly talented in the hair department! I usually put my daughters hair in a ponytail! I love goody products though and have always used that brand for our long hair…even when we went shorter!

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