Embrace Your #RealBeauty With Dove Canada + Giveaway

Embrace Your #RealBeauty With Dove Canada + Giveaway

You’re thin; I’m too fat!

You have curves; I want some.

The girl over there has the perfect chest; my breast are too big.

I wish I looked as beautiful as you.

We always think the grass (so to speak) is greener on the other side. Every woman’s version of beauty is different. Dove wants us to celebrate these differences because that’s what real beauty is all about – the unique features that set us apart from each other and make us all unique and one-of-a-kind.

Beauty is diverse, and diversity is beautiful.

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#Selfie Standard

You see it all the time, the perfect #selfie at the right angle, taken in a well lite room and then ran through a dozen filters before it’s shared on social media. Because we all want to be that perfect image of the “girl next door”.

Recent research from the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report states that 8 in 10 women globally say it is important to feel they are their own person and are not trying to copy anyone else. The same report also revealed that the pressure to be beautiful is higher than ever before. This is partly driven by the influence social media has on us. 1 in 2 women feel social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way and 6 in 10 women and girls agree that in today’s society it is critical to meet certain beauty standards.

In honor of being true to myself here is a snapshot of me in this exact moment, in my home office writing this Dove post. I have a huge zit on my chin (girls, we all get them), my face is very red and flushed, and I didn’t even turn on the overhead lights. I didn’t run this picture through a filter (although I wanted too); it’s natural and uniquely me!


NEW Limited Edition Dove Body Washes

I love that Dove has championed real beauty for decades and understands real women. Dove works to help women realize their full beauty potential, a true beauty that is about being one-of-a-kind and proud of it; it’s something the brand’s been doing for 60 years.

Dove has created six NEW Limited Edition Dove Body Washes each with their own limited edition number, designed to represent the diversity of beauty. Each bottle evokes unique shapes, sizes, curves, edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition.

Doves Limited Edition bottle set, Real Beauty, #realbeauty,

Celebrating diverse women in their innovative real beauty campaigns is why Dove stands out to me!

Embrace your #RealBeauty

One lucky inRdream.com reader will win Dove’s Limited Edition bottle set.

Doves Limited Edition bottle set, Real Beauty, #realbeauty,

Canada only (excluding Quebec). Contest closes March, 10th at midnight.

If you win, would you share Dove’s Limited Edition bottle set with friends or enjoy each shape and size yourself?

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