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There are many things we take for granted in our lives. Toys and things we entertain ourselves with, wi-fi to watch the latest series on, a kitchen full of the latest cooking gadgets. Most of these things we may never have thought about because being Canadian we just have it naturally at our … [Read more...]

Be Inspired By The Great Indoors Playbook!

Kevin Pillar's Surprise Visit, #TheGreatIndoors, Playing sports indoors, Schneiders The Great Indoors, Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar

What a winter we've had here in Canada. One day it is -30 and the next we are bringing out our spring jackets. I keep joking that Mother Nature has hot flashes, and her bad mood is putting a damper on winter sports. We've done our best making the most of our winter, but sometimes you have to think … [Read more...]

Life-Changing Gifts That Will Inspire Along The Way #MeaningfulGifts

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea from the World Vision Gift Catalogue

I have found the holidays have become all about the things over the years. Yes things are great and fun to open but really and truly that is not what the season is all about. I feel society has gotten carried away with the idea that the holidays should be planned around the things. When I start … [Read more...]

My story… why I started to Blog?

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This post marks my 817th post published in the last 4 years or you can look at it as 204 a year. Since that was writing part-time while juggling four kids, between home and school, I am very impressed with my accomplishments. You see, my dream was always to be a stay-at-home mom and I have to say, I … [Read more...]

Canadians! RVSP for the #BloggersFete Twitter Party 08/10


The first time I ever hit publish on was August 9th, 2011, which marks my 4th Blogoversary! I had no clue what I was doing that first time I hit publish nor did I have a background in journalism or english. I was a stay at home mom of many and looking for a way to feed that missing … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Decluttering: #VarageSale Twitter Party This Week!

VarageSale Selling used items on line

Cheers you're done with the baby stage, the swing, playpen and stroller are finally collecting dust. The old freezer you picked up from grandma is too small for your growing family. The collections of Wii games your kids have outgrown are just taking up space. The second hand furniture you once … [Read more...]

Do you have the 3 P’s? #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 04/21

Buying your first home #RBCFirstHome

Our First Home We bought our first home when I was 18 and my hubby was 21, it was very bitter-sweet. Learning how to run a house at such a young age was a challenge and there were definitely moments we kicked back in excitement and did this. -> We lived in our first home for 10 years, we did … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Announcement for The Roundup™ APP #CanadianBeefApp

The Roundup™ APP Canadian Beef App

Many of us love to eat beef but when it comes to knowing the finer details such as the best cuts and how to cook it, one can be overwhelmed by the options. Although I love to cook and I am a natural in the kitchen I still over cook my steaks and gaze at the options when it comes to picking the … [Read more...]

Have you RVSP’ed for the #PampersFirst North America-Wide Twitter Party?

Pampers First Twitter Party

Today a friend of mine posted a newborn picture of her nephew, there is something about newborns that doesn't' get old. Even when you're done having kids as a mother newborns still pull your heart strings. The first cry is a moment I will never forget. When we had Miss C I was so blessed to have my … [Read more...]

Game Day Food Pre Party This Tuesday On Twitter #GameDayFood!

#GameDayFood Twitter Party (2)

When I think of the Super Bowl I think "the game I still don't understand the rules of, even after being explained them each year." We aren't the biggest Football fans but anything that pairs, adrenalin, fun and food has my attention. Hot and spicy, creamy, crispy and my favorite Nachos but this … [Read more...]