Do you have the 3 P’s? #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 04/21

Do you have the 3 P’s? #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat 04/21

Our First Home

We bought our first home when I was 18 and my hubby was 21, it was very bitter-sweet. Learning how to run a house at such a young age was a challenge and there were definitely moments we kicked back in excitement and did this. ->

Buying your first home #RBCFirstHome We lived in our first home for 10 years, we did a lot of renovations and our investment was very generous to us when we sold. Today we are five years into renovating our dream home and each renovation is increasing our investment’s value and that is very rewarding to sit back and see.

It has always been our plan eventually to grow our portfolio into rental incomes. We dabbled in it a little bit when we rented a basement apartment out for numerous years in our first home and rented space out of our current home as well. But this time we plan on taking it to a whole new level. Currently we are in the plans, studying, learning and working towards buying a second property that will generate a rental income for future investments. This will be a dream come true and it’s been many long years in the making. 

Do you have the 3 P’s?

Patience, persistence and preparation make an unbeatable combination for success.

Although we have bought two houses in the last 15 years looking ahead and making this next step to buy our first rental property is very intimidating for me. This new road whether it is your first home or not, still requires patience, persistence and preparation and in combination of the 3 P’s you will be on your way to success!

You’re invited to the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

Buying your first home #RBCFirstHome

RBC is going to help you take care of the third P – preparation. You can submit your home-buying questions using the hashtag #RBCFirstHome, April 21st @ 8:30p ET. RBC experts will be on hand to do their best in answering your home buying questions. Plus RBC has invited a Lawyer, Realtor, Design, Home Builders, Home Experts and Mortgage experts to participate as well!

If a wealth of information is not enough all #RBCFirstHome chat participants have a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards!

Mark your calendars for #RBCFirstHome, April 21st @ 8:30p ET

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