Blast From The Past With Coleman – Quality Camping Gear Lasts Decades

Blast From The Past With Coleman – Quality Camping Gear Lasts Decades

It all started with a light back in 1905 when W.C. Coleman demonstrated how his new gas lamps would improve lives. Over 100 years later you’ll find Coleman camping essentials at the front of memories handed down generation by generation. Trust me quality camping gear lasts decades. 

Like our Coleman Stove. 


The same Coleman stove my husband’s father cooked on when my husband was a little boy. His family packed up this Coleman stove and many camping essentials on numerous road trips from Ontario to the tip of Florida Keys, Nashville and everywhere in between. Providing my husband as a child hot nutritional food after long days of exploring new places. Buying quality camping gear will last you decades.

This stove was passed down to my husband and our family and still hasn’t retired decades later.


It may have aged in looks since the 1980’s but the core of our Coleman stove works perfectly and we will continue to rely on it for many more year’s to come.

Yes, we could upgrade our Coleman stove to the latest in outdoor cuisine (HyperFlame™ Stoves) but we would lose the story and the nostalgic memories that pair perfectly with our old loved Coleman stove.


Buying Quality Camping Gear Matters

Coleman’s name graces family functions and memories all over North America. We wheeled our new Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme® 5 Day Wheeled Cooler beside a line up of coolers at a friends cottage and it turns out they all were Coleman coolers. People everywhere have been catching on that buying quality camping gear will outlast the memories that are made with them. 


Past, present and future Coleman is a classic part of camping. Although the innovation has changed since they supported the troops with essential equipment in 1930’s one thing has stayed the same – Coleman’s dedication to modernization that has moved from lighting street corners to all the corners of the globe.

You’ll never regret buying quality camping gear from Coleman.

Where does Coleman fit in your lifestyle? Past, present or future?

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