The Best Shoes Ever! Does Rob Lowe Agree?

The Best Shoes Ever! Does Rob Lowe Agree?

Do men grow up?

Most men I know still like to play just as hard as kids do. Don’t get me wrong I do too, but for men, they set aside the long list of to-do’s to throw a ball without worry. Their competitive side still comes out whether they spend their days working a trade, running a company or are filming a movie, deep inside men are still big kids at heart.

Does wearing the best shoes ever make you run any faster?

Daddy is wearing SKECHERS Porter- Ressen in Black and White.

Any boy in our house would tell you; Yes, the comfort, quality, craftsmanship and style of the shoe on your foot does make you run faster.

Rob Lowe is Back

Celebrity Rob Lowe is no exception. Getting outside and being active with his wife and kids is how Rob guards his free time. Rob’s welcomed back by SKECHERS after a 15-year hiatus for a Spring 2017 campaign. “I gotta feel good about myself and what I am wearing.” – Rob Lowe.

Does Rob Lowe agree? Are SKECHERS shoes the best shoes ever? Check out his behind the scenes interview. 

Never Give Up Comfort For Style

I couldn’t agree more with Rob, comfortable and stylish shoes should always be on your feet. Plus, you never know when the kids will ask you to shoot hops or hop on a skateboard with them!


Light Up The Night

Our boys went crazy over their new SKECHERS Energy Light shoes. They match Daddy’s new SKECHERS Porter – Ressen in Black and White which he wears with his business attire and comfortable enough to wear when the kids ask Daddy to play as soon as he gets home.


SKECHERS Energy Light shoes light up the night in white or one of the seven colors in a slow “Rainbow Dance’ or a ‘Pop N Glow’ fast sequence. The options are yours to choose with the push of a button.

Colorful fun lasts 5 to 6 hours on full charge. And can easily be charged with the UBS cable provided. Confidence, comfort, and style are gained in each pair of SKECHERS kicks.

Boys are wearing SKECHERS Energy Light shoes in Black and White.

It’s been a wet spring, and before I let my boys wear their new SKECHERS shoes outside, they were using them as slippers in the house. Oh, the light shows they had behind closed doors when they should have been sleeping. Just think of the memories they will produce this summer in their SKECHERS Energy Light shoes.


Big and Small a Pair for All

Of course, our daughter needed to match her little bros and Daddy. We found her matching kicks in SKECHERS women’s section. It’s hard to believe her and I are a half of size difference. How did that happen?

The quality is undeniable, and my girl is in love with her new leather shoes from SKECHERS. These leather beauties will last for many years to come.

Daughter is wearing – Womens SKECHERS Omne-Midtown in Black and White, similar to Vaso – Cordon.

The Best Shoes Ever

I know what you’re thinking “The Best Shoes Ever” sounds very cocky. Yes, it does but when everyone you know who owns a pair says it; it’s simple, they are “The Best Shoes Ever!”


There is no denying it that SKECHERS provide’s comfort on pare with fashion. And SKECHERS is the only line of shoes my picky man asks for when he’s due for a new pair. His words,

“SKECHERS are the best shoes ever! There is expensive, which I have. There is cheap, which I’ve learned my lesson not to buy. There is value, which are an affordable price tag but expensive comfort and style. SKECHERS are value and the best shoes ever.”  

Can you believe these smooth leather shoes are SKECHERS?


SKECHERS lifestyle footwear collections for men span a wide array of trend-right casual and sports styles featuring innovations such as SKECHERS Air-Cooled Memory Foam for long-lasting comfort. Styles from the SKECHERS men’s collection are available in SKECHERS retail stores as well as department stores and footwear retailers around the globe.


What’s hugging your family’s feet?

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