Not An Ounce of Bounce: Anita Maximum Support Sports Bra Review

Not An Ounce of Bounce: Anita Maximum Support Sports Bra Review

If you’re reading this, the title not an ounce of bounce must have caught your attention? Are you like me a large breasted women who needs a maximum support sports bra she can count on?

If that’s you, keep on reading because I found your solution! 

Maximum Support Sports Bra Review

Being big breasted can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you ask. But one thing we can all agree on is that no matter how you look at it, they tend to get in the way when we workout.

Well, they did until I strapped on my first Anita Canada Momentum Sports Bra. I packed the Momentum Sports Bra in my luggage for my dream trip to Italy and had since donated all my old sports bras. 

When I wear Anita maximum support sports bra, my breasts don’t move an inch. No matter how high I jump, they stay put. Like I said, “not an ounce of bounce.” 

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Let’s talk about the color of this sports bra. When I put on my Momentum Sports Bra I feel unstoppable. The pop of red weaved with shiny silver speckles gives me the boost in motivation I need to get through my workout. 


The Anita Momentum Sports Bra has been awarded the “Red Dot Award” because of its seamless modern design that provides perfect support through to large breasted women. 


Not An Ounce of Bounce

This wireless sports bra made of sturdy, yet lightweight material that features a breathable net back and inner lining of hydrophilic towel material. This fabric design will allow you to move freely without the added bounce we all dread. Since it is fitted with fast moisture absorption, those moist places under your breast are obsolete. 

1-DSC_6826 Since I have neck and shoulder problems I’ve alway find discomfort with racer style backs on my sports bras. Anita Momentum Sports Bra uses traditional thick bra straps which don’t put all that extra weight on my neck. Allowing me to workout without the discomfort that I typically feel in my neck and shoulders.


“When I am wearing my Anita Momentum Sports Bra, I don’t feel like I am wearing anything. It doesn’t squeeze, shift or irritate me at all when I am working out. Heck, there is not an ounce of bounce. My DD’s are held tight and snug exactly where I put them. And when I am jumping jacks, there is no  chance those babies will be knocking me out anytime soon.” 

Anita Comfort Swimwear

Anita Canada also has gorgeous bathing suits for your next island vacation. I love the color pop of the Eleonore Bikini top from the Florianopolis series paired with a casual bottom.  


Anita comfort swimwear is fashionable with mix match bottoms and tops to fit plus size and cup sizes from A – I.

Did you know in Italy women of all sizes wear bikinis?

Not once did we see a one-piece suit on the coast of the mediterranean sea. Putting on a bikini in Italy felt fantastic. I finally accepted my body and loved showing a whole lotta skin. Plus, my tan was fantastic.

What’s stopping you from flaunting your best features?

Choosing a Sports Bra – Understanding the Differences

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I was provided with one or more samples. Although, as always my opinions are my own. 

12 thoughts on “Not An Ounce of Bounce: Anita Maximum Support Sports Bra Review”

  • Ohh I am going to check this one out when I get close to a store that carries them. I like how it has a shape and doesn’t make one look like they have a uniboob 🙂

  • Love the red colour. I would love a sports bra without the bounce so I am definitely going to look into getting one of these.

  • “Not An Ounce of Bounce” really caught my eye and my friend is going to be so happy to hear about this !

  • I loved the title “Not An Ounce of Bounce” wish I could worry about the bounce but I’ve only ever had that problem when breast feeding. 🙂

  • Most of my 47yrs I have been anorexic skinny. In the last 4yrs, I have put on 20lbs and most of it seemed to have gone on my breasts. I now have the pleasure of filling out my clothing for the first time. But needless to say, I’m having issues with “The Bounce”. I need to find a cure for that. I will definitely be giving this bra a shot. Thanks for your review.

  • This is everything. As a big Chester woman and a runner I can tell you that a proper fitting sports bra makes all the difference in the world. I love how this one looks too! And their bikini… Swoon!!

  • I cannot relate. haha No one would ever call me large chested and I have never had a fantastic tan. 😉 haha Good for you though! 😉 (I will just do my best to embrace the paleness over here 😉

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