Find Your Lost Car Keys, Cell Phone With Tile Mate

Find Your Lost Car Keys, Cell Phone With Tile Mate

Picture This:

You’re on your way out the door, you’re already late. The kids are dressed and waiting for you which means the fighting between siblings is starting. You grab your purse, reach for your keys on the way down the front stairs and in a panic, dig, dig and dig some more.

Where are my keys?

You quickly check each purse pocket twice, and the boys killing time decide to run off and play. Getting their clean dry jeans muddy. Of course!

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You know what happens next you dig in your purse again only to end up with it dumped all over the pavement in the driveway to finally find your keys, in the same pocket you already looked in. But first, you must drag everyone back into the house because someone needs a new pair of dry jeans.

That is the story of my life. I am sure you can relate in some way or another to losing some item on a scramble to get out the door on time.

Whether it be your cell phone, wallet, car keys or even your kids?

Introducing Tile Mate…

Never again will you experience the stress of losing your keys, phone or wallet with Tile Mate.


The moment I heard of Tile Mate I knew I’d fall in love, the idea is brilliant. And such a stress reliever for those of us who continually lose things. What I like to call my never disappearing baby brain.

Never lose your purse, phone or wallet again with Tile Mate—the most reliable and easiest way to track your all your valuables. Giving you “piece” of mind is as simple as attaching a Tile Mate to anything you stress over misplacing.

1-DSC_7345 The Tile App allows you as the user to ring your Tile to locate lost item, find your phone even when it is in silent mode. It even allows you to view the last known location of your item on a map.

Watch how Tile Mate works.

“Anything that keeps me on track and eliminates my cognitive load and stress is a win in my eyes. I haven’t tried Tile Mate on my busy boys yet, but it’s been brilliant addition for my everyday misplaced items.” 

Tile Mate can be purchased online at Tile,, and in stores at Canadian Tire and most major retailers. They sell for $30 each, $90/ four pack.

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