Mother to Mother: What To Do When Your Baby’s Nose Is Blocked

Mother to Mother: What To Do When Your Baby’s Nose Is Blocked

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I will never forget that moment we bundled our first baby into her car seat in the hospital. As the nurses touched our sweet baby’s nose she said: “You are ready to go.”

We looked at each other and laughed so hard. We both had the same thought “You’re letting us leave with this baby? What now?” 

Even though we were both ready to be parents and our dreams came true that weekend, we were frightened. We were scared about what if’s, how to and we couldn’t believe they didn’t hand us a parenting manual on the way out the hospital door. 

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Mother to Mother

Today we are a family of six, and I’d have to say one of the hardest parts of being a parent to a baby or toddler is when they are sick. Their weak little bodies cannot explain what’s happening or how they feel.

They cannot eject the mucus building up inside; their nose gets crusty, and they get cranky.

Okay, we all get cranky.

As parents, we try our best to eliminate their discomfort and pain to the best of our abilities. That is exactly why it’s important for us moms to turn to each other when we are looking for advice.


There is no baby manual just the experience and guidance we can seek from each other. A community that is built on the trust from Mother to Mother. Helping each other is only going to make our community a thriving place to be. Sharing tips, brands, and our stories allow us access to knowledge no parenting manual could ever replace. 

hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care 

I know the overwhelming feeling you get when you are standing in the aisle at the local drugstore looking for relief to jump out at you. hydraSense is an option for new moms and is readily available to help you with your newborn’s discomfort. Children under 2 are not able to blow their nose, and it is our job to help reduce and relieve their nasal congestion and nasal cold symptoms.  

hydraSense Baby Nasal Aspirator

Every mom should have a Baby Nasal Aspirator on hand. These are great additions to baby shower gifts. Late at night when your sweet baby’s nasal congestion slows their breathing, you will be looking for fast and gentle relief.  

hydraSense Baby Nasal Aspirator comes with single-use filters that trap the excess mucus, providing a hygienic safety guard to us parents. They’re also designed with a soft applicator for baby’s delicate nose. 


Since hydraSense is 100% natural sourced seawater and free of any medications or preservatives, the hydraSense Baby Nasal Aspirator is a comforting solution for parents to keep beside your bed and one in your diaper bag.

This will allow you to have the right tools for the right job within reach. That is the key to keeping smooth momentum in your home during the years of raising children. 

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hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Mist

We all know the days with a sick baby can be long. It is also comforting to know that hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Mist can be used up to 4 to 6 times per day when baby’s nose is blocked. It is gentle enough for daily use during the duration of the discomfort. 


Along with a gentle mist, hydraSense® Ultra-Gentle Mist comes with a very soft applicator that can easily be removed and washed. It is straightforward and practical for daily use to facilitate better breathing. hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care can help clear baby’s nasal passages. 


hydraSense® Easydose® Vials

When you’re on the go and looking for an effective solution for congestion in young children, hydraSense® Easydose® Vials are handy to have around. They are individual, portable and ready-to-use when you need them. They contain 100% natural-sourced sea water solution that will help liquefy the mucus for your older children to blow out. 

For more information, visit | hydraSense® is available at your local mass food and drug retailer or online at 


Mother to Mother what has been your hardest moment in parenting a baby?

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 This post is sponsored by hydraSense®. I believe in this brand and have used hydraSense. Please note: as always, please read the instructions that come with all your hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care products before use. *Nielsen, National. 52 weeks ending Aug 20th, 2016. Based on combined sales of hydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist, Easydose and Congestion Relief Kids.

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  • I think the nasal aspirator is a must with little ones around! It does work very well at clearing out little noses.

  • I remember having a little sucking thing that I used to use to remove excess mucus from the kids noses – I hated using it though.

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