Smart Tourist Tip: Tour Vatican City With Through Eternity Tours Italy

Smart Tourist Tip: Tour Vatican City With Through Eternity Tours Italy

You’ve saved, worked hard and now it’s time for you to go on that dream vacation you’ve been dreaming of since you first met. Well, that is pretty much how our story goes. When we finally were planning our dream vacation to Italy a trip to Vatican City was a must do.

Vatican City


Vatican City a walled encaved city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy. A State within a city measuring 110 acres in size and with a population of 842. Did you know it’s rated as the smallest state in the world?

Also known as the most holiest places and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Home to the Pope Francis and destination to many tourists. Sistine Chapel is one of the reasons we felt the pull to visit Vatican City.

Be A Smart Tourist

We knew if we were going to jam pack in as much as we can when in Rome we needed to be a smart tourist. Therefore booking a tour company to take us throughout all the historical sites in Vatican City and Rome.

Since we were looking for a more personal experience Through Eternity Tours small group sizes captured our attention. The time frame of Vatican Museums Tour at Night was 3.5 hours which fit perfectly into our jam-packed itinerary.

Since this was an evening tour we could double up and do two tours the same day. Plus, by using a tour company such as Through Eternity Tours, you can skip the line. In an overcrowded tourist destination like Vatican City trust me you want to skip the line.

Being a smart traveler is knowing that if you are arriving in the ancient city and limited on time, you need to look to the locals for help. There is no other way to squeeze in all the history Rome and Vatican City have to offer. 

Tour companies like Through Eternity Tours put their tour guides through excessive training. They know the shortcuts, the must see, must touch spots and they can with confidence openly answer all the questions you ask.


Smart Tourist tip: If you are doubling up tours in the same day book a few personal hours in between tours without commitments. Not only to take some breathing space and enjoy lunch but because if your first tour runs late, you don’t want to be having to slip out early and rush. Plus, trust me your feet will thank you for the time between visits.

Hire Through Eternity Tours in Vatican City

Our Vatican Museums Tour at Night itinerary included some of the historical sights we all go to Vatican City to see. The Last Supper Tapestry, The ancient sculptures of the Octagonal Courtyard, The Sistine Chapel, The Raphael Rooms and more.


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Smart Tourist Tip: Clothing must cover your shoulders and knees, baring no skin. May I suggest you bring along a light sweater and pants to slip on when you plan on visiting Vatican City. Make note that you will not be allowed in any of the tourist sites in Vatican City without the proper clothing. This is true for most religious sites in all of Italy.

Our Vatican Museums Tour at Night with Through Eternity Tours Italy in review:

    • Our tour guide was fluent in English and very easy to understand.
    • Her passion for the collections and masterpieces of the Vatican Museum was visible and very contagious.
    • All our questions were answered professionally and with satisfaction.
    • She pointed out pieces of the puzzle we would have missed without having her by our side.
    • We were informed parts of History we didn’t know existed. Stories gave us all a new look towards History.
    • Most of all, before we went into The Sistine Chapel, she clearly explained Michelangelo The Last Judgment to us so we could quietly absorb the masterpiece and understand each frame.

Photo credit: because you cannot take pictures in The Sistine Chapel.

Smart Tourist Tip: There is no talking. No taking pictures in The Sistine Chapel. Don’t sit on the steps. Guards are watching your every move.

See You Next Time Vatican City

Personally, I found everything about Vatican Museum to be spiritual. The energy I felt, and peace with History is very hard to explain. Every square inch has something new for the eye to gravitate to. I did feel rushed. I could have spent the full day wondering, touching and experiencing so much more. My feeling of rushed is nothing to do with the tour itself, just a personal taste. Perhaps, if History draws you in like me, you might opt for a longer Through Eternity Tour such as their In-depth Vatican Museums Tour, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica.

Thank you to Through Eternity Tours for being a part of our dream trip to Italy. Our tour of Vatican Museum is an experience we will never forget!

In conclusion, our travels back to Italy and Vatican City is already in the forecast. There is something that is pulling us both back, and we cannot fight the urge to learn, touch and absorb more. Our time in Italy isn’t complete.


 Where is your dream destination?

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Thank you for reading In R Dream!

Disclosure: We were provided with a complimentary tour. As always my opinions in this blog are my own.

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  • Beautiful photos. Though I lived in various countries in Europe for most of my life I never went to Italy and I would have loved to. I do like the idea of Through Eternity Tours, sounds like a must for me 🙂

  • Yep you definitely want to skip the line here. When we visited, we started out in line but eventually connected with a tour group.

  • This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing some of your dream vacation with is and sharing tips so that we can one day do it ourselves 🙌

  • While I often like to wonder and get lost in New cities, there’s a million benefits to hiring a your guide, esp for what you experienced. Your post is making me itch a return visit to Rome!!

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