Start Feeling Better: Home Therapy With TranQool

Start Feeling Better: Home Therapy With TranQool

So I did it! I had my first Home Therapy session with TranQool. 

If you missed my post earlier this month catch up to find out what’s bugging me -> 

Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom?

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What is TranQool’s Home Therapy? 

TranQool is an online resource for moms to see accredited counselors from the comfort of home via secure video calls. Whether you are home with your little ones or jumping between your career and kids TranQool’s availabilities are flexible to fit your busy schedules bringing home therapy to you. 

We all have mental needs. Whether you openly admit it or not, there is a shadow that could use some soul searching. TranQool can help you with low mood, anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, eating disorders, low self-esteem, relationship problem, work related problems, concentration problems, social anxiety. Talk out all the mental health issues that pair with the latest life transition happening in your life right now.

  • Moving to a different city?
  • First child off to full-time kindergarten?
  • Starting full-time work after maternity leave?
  • Empty nest? Have all your children have left home?
  • New school?
  • Child diagnosed?
  • Sick family member?
  • New business?

Life transitions are tough, and TranQool home therapy with accredited counselors can help you!

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The best part is that for only $80 you will receive a 45-minute session with an experienced, accredited professional based on your needs. If you’re lucky to have health coverage, TranQool is covered by all extended health insurances in Ontario.

Although TranQool is only in Ontario right now, they have big plans for expansion. Stay tuned Canada!

Experiencing Home Therapy With TranQool 

I will be honest; I was nervous about my first TranQool session.

Letting it all out is tough. Fighting demons is frightening. Your mind is powerful. 

I had everything perfectly set, my appointment booked and that morning I had to keep a child home from school.

That is the great thing about TranQool I didn’t need to find a babysitter or reschedule. Because TranQool is all done through a secure video from your home, I could make it work. No excuses!

Getting started was simple. After the free sign-up, TranQool asked me how I felt. Based on how I felt they suggested therapist from their database that matched my needs. I could read up on the therapist and/ or browse more. Once I found my match I could view their schedule and book an appointment at which time I paid. TranQool emails you your chosen date right way. The day before they send over another email reminder with a few pointers to make the video call as smooth as possible.

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The day of the appointment all you have to do is log into your TranQool account and click start the session. Waiting for you is your chosen therapist.

The first session I had to use my cell phone to video chat because my desktop doesn’t have video. My cell phone worked. Don’t feel limited we all have a cell phone. If you have any questions, TranQool IT is super helpful and will run through any troubleshooting worries you may have. 

My therapist got to know me a bit at first and asked me questions to ease into what was mentally bothering me. The 45-minute session went quick and she left me deep in thought about the topics we covered. 

“Having an outsider look in can be tough, but at the same time, it is very moving and awaking. Friends don’t always understand. I walked away from my TranQool session with my adrenalin pumping, also with homework. My homework is simple and nothing too over the top. She suggested an app to download, a book to read, as well as some breathing exercises to complete daily. I also walked away more aware and conscious of what we spoke about during our TranQool session. I have a feeling my continued experience with TranQool will be life changing!”

How are you coping with your latest life transition?

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This post is sponsored, although as always this is my story and my opinion.

11 thoughts on “Start Feeling Better: Home Therapy With TranQool”

  • The biggest transition I’ve struggled with is learning how to accept my father’s passing. And how hard the reality of his absence had become over the last 3 years

  • I have been off work the last six months for medical reasons and will be transitioning back to work over the next two months.

  • I’m dedicating this last quarter to loving myself! After years and years of putting everyone else first. Being a teen mother, and a survivor of domestic abuse. I’m learning that I matter but j need help, because I don’t necessarily know what that feels like or how to…?

    • Hello PepperBrooks! Your comment makes me smile. Although you’ve been through some rough patches, I am so happy to see you see value in loving yourself. TranQool can definitely help you figure out how that feels.

  • I always find September a hard time of year…mentally and emotionally. Trying to get into a new routine, based on the changing needs and activities of our 3 busy children. Making it all work and making sure everyone is happy and healthy can be challenging.

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