Let Them Be Bored + Must Have: Bumps & Sting Remedy’s

Let Them Be Bored + Must Have: Bumps & Sting Remedy’s

How many times this summer have you heard the words “Mom, I am bored?” 

Guess what? It is okay for them to feel boredom. When I was a kid, I don’t remember feeling boredom. Do you? I also don’t remember having my mom fill each moment of my day with things to do. I happily played outside from morning to night exploring, using my imagination and playing make-believe. 

We’d play school, build sandcastles in the sandbox. I’d be a hairdresser to my dolls and play Barbie all day long. Looking back the world seemed simpler for us. I’d lay on my back with my Gramma and pick pictures out of the clouds. Life was slow, but I was never bored. 

Let Them Be Bored 

Magical experiences come from boredom. Creativity is born inside your child when they reach the point of boredom. Recently, I watched a Facebook video from Alyson Schafer on boredom that gave me permission to allow my kids to reach boredom. She has some great advice that is worth a watch. 

Surprisingly, my children haven’t complained of boredom too much this summer. They’ve been too busy climbing the many trees on our four acres. 

Let them be bored, My kids are bored, Boredom is good, Creativity sparks when boredom is present, kids climbing tree Every chance they have they are up a tree. Eating popsicles in a tree, reading in the tree, shooting water guns from the tree. At first, I wasn’t too happy. I didn’t want to spend summer with a child with a broken arm or leg. I would continue to tell them to at least stay low on the tree.

Let Kids Be Kids

Then a wise man told me to let kids be kids. Let them explore, climb the tree and let their creativity run wild. Give them the tools they need for success. Teach them how to be safe in the tree and if they break a leg, they break a leg; that is part of their story. 

I’ve taken his advice and letting our kids be kids. They have been happy, creative, and they haven’t been bored. 

Let Them Be Bored that is when magic happens!

In My First Aid Kit

After a long day of playing in trees and being creative, they have a shower, and we do a nightly check for ticks. And since I cannot protect them from all the mishappenings from the day we have to break out the first aid kit almost nightly. 

Bumps and bruises happen when you have active boys and girls, so I always pair a mommy’s kiss with Orange Naturals Bumps+Bruises tincture for kids. This homeopathic remedy is a must for everyone’s first aid kit. It will come to the rescue of minor bruises, swelling and sore muscles due to strains and sprains from tumbles and rumbles. Pull out the ice pack and your Orange Naturals Bumps + Bruises for kids remedy and it will soothe away all your aches and pains.

Homeopatic Creams, Orange Naturals, Nature Bite remedy, Natural Sting remedy,

Another summer must have in your first aid kit this summer is Orange Naturals Bites+Stings Cream with arnica. Orange Naturals Homeopathic Creams are a quick, convenient remedy for common injuries or complaints like bug bites, joint pain, eczema, and acne. Specially formulated based on the principles of homeopathic medicine, using natural ingredients that are clean and pure, and set on a soft base of exceptionally moisturizing shea butter, beeswax, and MCT oils from coconut.

Let them be bored, My kids are bored, Boredom is good, Creativity sparks when boredom is present, kawartha Lakes Has boredom found your kids this summer?

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39 thoughts on “Let Them Be Bored + Must Have: Bumps & Sting Remedy’s”

  • When our kids were younger they were outside majority of the times playing in the dirt and climbing trees. Now our grandchild also loves the outdoors and hasn’t mentioned that he’s bored yet. Although he is just a toddler. So here’s hoping

  • Oh yes- my kids have found the “I’m bored’ a few times this summer. After turning off the tech & getting out doors suddenly the big empty field out back turned into a soccer pitch! Boredom solved!

  • My son isn’t too clumsy so far (knock on wood!) but one time he fell when he was out with his dad and his dad mistook the arnica spray for polysporin. OUCH!!!!

  • Thanks for the post, I have tried other products & not really working. Next time I am out I will be picking up the Orange Naturals Bumps+Bruises tincture for kids.

  • What a great topic. We have been pretty lucky this year with buying a camper, We try to get them up as much as possible, as they are forever meeting new friends, swimming and so much more. I Love your tree story and am going to try and encourage my kids to try it, esp with a book! Thank you so much for sharing and very cute picture of your boys x

  • My kids sometimes say I’m bored, but they do run wild and free outside too. I don’t appreciate the I’m bored and I’m quite sure I never was when I was a kid. (Selective memory maybe)
    I didn’t know that orange naturals made sting cream. I’m going to have to get some.

  • Sophie is bored all the time. Children these days need to be entertained all the time. I think she wouldn’t complain as much if there were kids that lived around us to play with.

  • My kids have been crazy clumsy this year – bumps and scrapes galore! It’s good to know of a natural product to use on them 🙂

  • I like to keep myself busy so I’m rarely ever bored too. I encourage my little one to use her imagination so I hope that she doesn’t get bored this summer, especially when there is so much to do and see!

  • My son hasn’t learned the word bored yet, and I am hoping we have awhile. When he does tire of things inside, he heads outside for more to discover! 🙂

  • Kids should be kids..but they should never be bored..when we were young (7 siblings) we filled every days with sports, building forts (even in winter) or playing a lot of card and board games with family and friends. No technology and little TV

  • So far boredom has not happened for my children this summer. Lots of travel and visiting with family keeps the boredom away.

  • Boredom always finds my kids! Luckily they are still young so it’s not too hard for me to solve this issue! Usually in the summertime we just go outside, there is always something to do, swimming is our favorite! 🙂

  • These sound like great product and I do agree with let kids be bored – they won’t stay bored for long but it does encourage them to use their imagination and creativity! I can’t say I was ever “bored” when I was a kid during summer break, I was too busy spending all the time I could outside playing. I could always seem to find something to do!

  • My kids are always bored if they aren’t staring at a screen, monitor, or phone. I miss the days when they enjoyed singing nursery rhymes and helping me around the house.

  • I always tell my kids only boring people get bored and I havent heard them say theyre bored in years!

  • Its been real damp since summer came in and there are bugs everywhere and they itch so bad ,I must pick up some Orange Naturals Bite and Sting Cream.

  • My kids don’t really get bored, we encourage lots of activity, we limit screen time. Our kids love being outside

  • Oh I must pick up some Orange Naturals Bite and Sting Cream. So many bites this year. I love how you are letting your kids be kids. They will have their stories to tell for sure. I had so much more freedom when I was a kid, then kids do today.

  • My children never complain being bored during summer when they were growing up. They always had so much to do and lots of friends in the neighbourhood. I got sting by a waps and I wish I had Orange Naturals Bites+Stings Cream with arnica.

  • I think kids are truly never bored. If they are bored, they will find something creative to do. When my kids say they are bored, it just means they want electronics. When we say no, they make up creative plays or games.

  • My niece hasn’t been complaining about boredom yet, but summer is only half over! We try to keep her busy and let her play outside lots

  • We were never bored as kids we were out the door as soon as we got up and fighting to stay out until the streetlights came on, A different time,

  • Its so true I remember when I was a kid I did not come in all day and we drank from the water hose and if mom did call us in for lunch we probably would have skipped it but we were out having fun exploring and building forts and so on! I love all these natural remedies I have never heard of but I am going to get some

  • So funny , my kids never say it cause I might find them something to do,! lol , they seem to have fun though , they love summer vacation !

  • The grandkids have not yet been complaining they are bored even though they have been here for 2 weeks. They are 6 and 8 and seem to keep themselves busy doing crafts, swimming, playing outside.

  • My kids haven’t been complaining too much about boredom yet, and frankly I’m a bit surprised. They’ve been doing pretty well at keeping themselves entertained!

  • I’m with you. I was never bored. I do feel sorry for today’s kids though as most of them don’t have the freedom to run and play unsupervised all day like my generation did. I fear they will be ill equipped to produce as many wonderful inventions as previous generations as they don’t get to figure things out on their own as often, or be alone to solve the problems they encounter while out exploring their world.

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