Swimming Pond vs. Swimming Pool Showdown #eieihome

Swimming Pond vs. Swimming Pool Showdown #eieihome

Victoria-Day weekend is the weekend most pool owners open the backyard pool. Well, it was for us when we owned our first home. We had a beautiful 30′ long above ground pool, beautifully landscaped and wrapped into the 3-tier deck. Our pool was the center focus of our backyard, and we made many memories in that pool. Our daughter’s first swim took place in that pool when she was three months old. I will never forget her in her cute Finding Nemo bathing suit in daddy’s arms.

We moved six years ago and although our backyard has a swimming pond, it is nothing like having a swimming pool.

Seven differences between a swimming pond and a swimming pool.

Pool’s are crystal clear. They are crystal clear once you figure out the balance between the chemicals that is. I am not going to sugar coat it, finding that balance can take some patience and a lot of talking with your local pool company. eieihome.com can help you find a pool company to help you find the perfect balance.

Swimming pool, Toes in Swimming Pool. Swimming pool vs. Swimming pond.

Nothing touches your toes in a swimming pool. Unless it is your brother trying to scare you from below. Our pond has become the home to many underwater swimmers that I have zero interest in swimming along side. But did you know that you can clean your pool with goldfish?

Pools don’t attract the local herons or geese. As I sit here and type this post, a beautiful heron is sitting on our deck. I call him “old man” because he just takes his time and each day he lands to bake in the sunshine. You may find a frog or mouse in your filter basket, but it’s rare.

Swimming pool, Toes in Swimming Pool. Swimming pool vs. Swimming pond.

Pools are safer to swim in. Once you have achieved crystal clear water in your backyard pool, you can happily watch your children swim around and dive below. In a swimming pond, you cannot see them once they swim down which leaves me with severe anxiety. Learning to swim in a pool just feels safer for everyone.

Swimming pool, Kids swimming

You don’t have to vacuum the swimming pond. But as long as you invest in a pool vacuum, which I highly suggest, you don’t have to vacuum a pool either.

You can canoe in a swimming pond. But you can fall asleep on a raft in the pool without worrying about a duck landing on the raft with you.

Everyone wants to come to a pool party! I haven’t tried to host a summing pond party, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be as popular.

It is safe to say an inground swimming pool is on our dream list. It would be so helpful in keeping the kids busy over the summer. We could host pool parties and suntan on rafts. The giggles and memories we’d make splashing around in the water would be worth the investment in purchasing a pool.

Right now, we are dreaming, but it won’t be long before we can take the next step with the help of eieihome.com and Betz Pools to create the beautiful swimming pool we’ve been daydreaming of.

Looking for some inspiration? You will love with Betz Pools has been building for your neighbours.

Do you have a pool or are you dreaming of one like me?

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by eieihome.com ~ a great place to do research on swimming pools and other home renovation topics, home repair or home decor.

4 thoughts on “Swimming Pond vs. Swimming Pool Showdown #eieihome”

  • I have always dreamed of having a swimming pond for our family! I had so many memories with my brother as a kid in our pond, catching frogs, turtles and fish, boating and swimming! I feel like a swimming pond would be less expensive and easier to maintain,

  • Um yes! I’ve been looking to find a new home with a pool, but unfortunately the market is so crazy right now, I don’t think it will happen. I am looking into those mini-sized pools as it could fit in our backyard. Betz has been on the top of my list.

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