Sometimes life throws curve balls, and we need to ask for help. Not all new moms can be there to hug their newborn baby.
Huggies knows the importance a hug can have on your newborn and with their No Baby Unhugged Initiative they are benefiting the lives of wee ones in Canada.
In 2015, Huggies® launched the first No Baby Unhugged® program for two hospitals in Canada: Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, Nova Scotia and Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario.
These two Canadian Hospitals received hugging chairs and stations, along with dozens of Hugger Volunteers in the neonatal intensive care units. This program helped to ensure all babies got the hugs they needed during the most critical time in their development.
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I firmly believe in the No Baby Unhugged Initiative; Huggies is rolling out through Canada. I couldn’t be prouder to upload a picture of our baby Oakley in my belly with the touch of his sister and brothers hands all over him in utero.

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On top of all the great things Huggies is doing in my homeland of Canada, they are thanking me with a FREE pack of Newborn Size Huggies Diapers (which I will be donating to our local pregnancy center.)

If that wasn’t generous enough, Huggies is also donating $5.00 for each photo shared to participating Canadian hospitals to develop Baby Hugger programs.

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There are hundreds of studies that have been conducted on the power of touch for babies. The science behind the power of human touch for infants has identified numerous benefits for babies and their families but not limited too:

  • Pain relief
  • Physiological stability (e.g., heart rate, temperature)
  • Crying
  • Sleep
  • Infant illness
  • Weight gain and growth
  • Infant mental health
  • Parent mental health

“I am no Scientist but I am a mother of four happy and healthy children. I do know that from the moment our children wake in the morning, till they lay their sweet heads on their pillow at night, both myself and their father hug them.

The benefits of a hug, #NobabyUnhugged, The Power of a Hug, Huggies Hugs Babies, No Baby unhugged,

When they are sick and hosting a fever I still lay with our youngest ones skin to skin to regulate their body temperature. 

We will continue to hug our children as much as we can, because what I do know for sure is that it shows them they are loved, cared for and will always be. Hugs have worked for us up to this point and are the star of our every day.”

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What does a hug mean to you?

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