7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids

7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids

Sleepless nights, rocking. Sleepless nights, rubbing your baby’s gums. Sleepless nights were singing sweet lullabies. Awe I remember those sleepless nights all to clear. Waiting for pearl white teeth to break through and provide some relief for your sweet little one and you.

Remembering those moments brings tears of happiness to my eyes. Those tears once were sleepless tears but moments pass and memories are made.

Today instead of waiting for pearl whites to break through, we are waiting for them to fall out so the tooth fairy can come.

Teeth are critical to your babies and children’s development and health. Once those pearl white teeth break through you will need these 7 Tips to Make Visiting the Dentist Fun for Kids & You.

7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids

Start Early

Did you know? You can start taking your baby around the age of one to the dentist as long as their first teeth have appeared.

Taking your baby to the Dentist at an early age is important because just like older children and adults, infants can get cavities too. Starting early dental visits will not only guarantee your baby a positive dental experience it will also help you the parent understand the importance of taking care of your child’s first set of teeth.

Make Brushing Fun

There is a little game I play with my kids and always have when helping them brush their teeth. I sit them on my lap facing outwards and with me controlling the toothbrush in their mouth I chase around monster trucks throughout their teeth and gums. Brushing away the germ monsters. The boys get a kick out of it, and it is something that has never grown old. For my daughter, I use butterflies in place of monster trucks.

Making brushing fun is the key to a healthy smile.

Mimic Mom

You know the saying monkey see, monkey do. Brush with your little children and they will find interest in brushing much more quickly. I find when I brush with my kids they copy me out of the corner of their eye. They copy my movements, and they brush much longer because they want to finish the same time as Mommy.

Pair Up

Before my little one’s first visits I always took them with their older siblings first to watch them at their appointment. That way the younger child became interested in giving the experience a try because someone they look up to already did it.

Prepare Your Child

Talk with your child. Tell them what the room looks like. Even better Google a picture to show them. Imitate the sounds they will hear. Explain to them the Dentist is there to help them. Walk them through the whole experience. You can never prepare and talk enough to your children about the experience ahead.

Stay with Your Child

Most importantly, stay with your child. The whole time my children are getting their teeth checked I am rubbing their feet and legs. This allows them to know Mommy is here. The warmth of mommy’s touch can help make the experience a positive one.

7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids, Smile, Kids Smile

Regular Visits

This isn’t a tip about making the dentist fun but an important tip to keep yours and your children’s health in check. Keeping your visits to the dentist regular are the best way to detect oral (and overall) health problems you might not know you have and prevent them before they start. Most dental diseases, including tooth decay, are easier to treat and cost less time, pain and money if detected early.

For years, I ignored tooth pain; this pain had me avoiding eating on my whole left side of my mouth. The fix was a simple replacement of my filling which cracked over time. Oral health affects physical, mental and social well-being. I was unhappy and always in pain before finding out the route of the problem. The dentist told me if I had let my tooth pain go on longer the weaker my teeth were becoming, and a root canal would have had to happen. Very thankful my dentist was able to detect my pain early, and it saved me money.

Here is a tip for you. Book your families dentist appointments the same month as their birthdays. Just another way to keep regular and your health in check.

Make Your Teeth a Big Deal

Call your dentist today.

Don’t have a dentist? Click here to find one.

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Although this post has been generously sponsored by The Ontario Dental Association, the opinions and language are my own.


12 thoughts on “7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids”

  • Indeed, you want to try and start early to get them used to it. Dental care truly starts at birth, because you still need to care for those gums. After you are done breast feeding a baby, it is highly suggested to wipe the gums of excess milk to prevent gum disease.

  • That is the best advice, start them early, the earlier they go in the less fear they have with the dentist, and it also helps if the dentist is good with kids too!!

  • I love the idea of butterflies and monster trucks! My kids like to brash, but we have a hard time keeping brushing for long enough.

  • My children were pretty good at the dentist, I wouldn’t say they loved it, but they didn’t dislike it.

  • my girls love brushing/getting their teeth brushed! My youngest loves to do it when her big sister is and she just likes to watch in the mirror while I brush her teeth. My oldest we used to sing a song with her and that really got her in the brushing mood 🙂

  • when i was younger i fainted once at a dentist i was such a coward now that i am in my late 40’s I found a awesome dentist 6 years ago I have no problem with them even had braces done

  • I had many bad experiences with Dentists and hated to go but a couple of years ago i found a young lady just out of schooling setting up her her first practise and going to the Dentist is a pleasure for me now.

  • I always took my children with me when it was time to visit the dentist but I did have to put on a brave face. I hated going to the dentist, they’ve all caused me so much pain over the years. Like the time I was pregnant and getting a crown – no anaesthetic, horrendous pain! Fortunately the kids were in school then.

  • i think if the parent goes often enough, then the child will want to as well and sees it as a normal thing to do…at work, I brush my teeth after meals and a co-worker who’s 19 was flabbergasted …you brush your teeth at work she said…um YES…. she brushes once a day … I think my eyes might have popped out of my head, but I suspect what you see as normal in your house, is what you expect to be normal to others. My son had $4500 braces (work didnt cover that), that I paid for, and he had them for 3 years, and you brusha, brusha constantly when you have braces…so, yeah, even at work no matter how many funny looks I get (and I’m scared of bad breathe too lol)

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