Overindulging? Feel Relief In Minutes With Nauzene

Overindulging? Feel Relief In Minutes With Nauzene

Indulging Regret!

Over the holidays, we all tend to overindulge, this is also true when we travel. Throwing away all our clean eating habits and routine reaching for fried foods and desserts more than we typically would.  

Recently, I was introduced to a product called Nauzene®. I have been packing it in my purse and reaching for them after moments of indulging regret. 

Nauzene Chewables in Purse

You know that moment I am taking about after you’ve eaten a 1/2 pound burger and fries or the chocolate explosion cake for two all by yourself? Come on, we’ve all been there.

After the damage is done, you are wishing you still had an excuse to be wearing your maternity pants.  

If you don’t have a valid reason and have to live up to it that you’ve overindulged and are forced to suck it up. Trust me you will wish you had some Nauzene to reach for. 

Nauzene To The Rescue!

Nauzene® is a product that relieves upset stomachs and nausea from overindulgence in food and drinks. Nauzene works much faster than some of the others brands we’ve been known to grab in large quantities of for relief.

“One Nauzene pill worked for me in minutes, giving me the relief to move on and accept my overindulgence with grace instead of discomfort.” 

  • Nauzene does not contain aspirin, salicylates or dimenhydrinate, making it safe for those who have aspirin sensitivities or asthma.
  • Parents rejoice Nauzene will not make you drowsy allowing your to keep up with your rambunctious children even when your belly starts to turn.
  • Unlike “pink” remedies, Nauzene will not leave a sour taste in your mouth. I enjoyed the wild cherry flavour of Nauzene.
  • These chewable tablets are okay for children to take. It is recommended before giving Nauzene Chewables to your child that you contact your doctor first for the appropriate dosage. I did give my older two kids Nauzene and it relieved their symptoms quickly with no side effects.

“I popped over to Amazon to read some reviews on Nauzene and it wasn’t a surprise to see Nauzene getting 4.5 star reviews. This stuff is clearly amazing and since it works so quick you can move on making happy moments in your day!”

Learn more about Nauzene hereNauzene is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $13.49

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Disclosure: “I have been compensated for writing this post. All opinions, including my decision to support this campaign, are my own.”

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