Looking for USA Data Plans For Canadians? Travel with Roam Mobility + Giveaway

Looking for USA Data Plans For Canadians? Travel with Roam Mobility + Giveaway

One of the first things that came to my mind before our November trip across the border was, my data plan. I was full of questions, how will it work? Will it cost me a fortune? How do I set it up?

Of course, I called my Canadian carrier and they walked me through the process, but quickly I realized this wasn’t for us. The cost wasn’t going to be affordable for our needs. Plus, since we were heading to Florida on a press trip I needed to make sure I could tweet and share when I wanted too. My husband also needed to check his emails for business well we were gone and be able to log into his servers remotely. We needed to be connected back to Canada without worry. 

After a quick Google, I found Roam Mobility. They allow you to connect to Roam Mobility’s wireless network with their Travel SIM Card. It is easy to eliminate USA roaming fees with the Roam Mobility SIM card. Within minutes you can easily be connected to their 4G LTE Networks.

USA Data Plans For Canadians

It is quick and easy to set up a USA data plan for Canadians, using a Roam Mobility SIM card.  

  • Buy a Roam Mobility SIM card ($9.95) for your unlocked phone – shop here

Roam Mobility USA data plans for canadians

  • Activate your Roam Mobility SIM card online by following the directions on the package you receive in the mail. 
  • Pick the USA roaming plan that works for you and your USA travelling needs. 

Roam Mobility USA data plans for canadians

  • Remove your current phone carrier’s SIM card and replace it with your new Roam Mobility SIM card once you hit the USA border.

Please note: since you are inserting a new SIM card your phone number will change.

Toronto to Florida with Roam Mobility

We added Enhanced Coverage to our USA plan for $1 per day, because driving from Toronto to Florida there are a few dead spots that require partner coverage. Roam Mobility has a very clear US coverage map that can help you navigate if you require Enhanced Coverage.

With Enhanced Coverage we only had a few glitches along our 24 hour drive, thank goodness because we were relying on Netflix to get us all through the 24 hour journey across the country. 

Driving from Toronto to Florida

“Thanks to Roam Mobility and the ease of using their data plans, we were able to work and play at the same time and didn’t have to worry about being overcharged. We kept up with business well travelling across the country by automobile. 

Next time, we head south I don’t have to worry about talk and data plans. All I have to do is slip my Roam Mobility SIM card into my unlocked phone and purchase my plan.” 

Roam Mobility is Generous! 

Two lucky inRdream.com readers will each win a new USA travel SIM card. 

Roam Mobility USA data plans for canadians

Canada only (excluding Quebec), ends 02/15/2016. 

Please note: you need to have an unlocked smartphone in order for Roam Mobility to work for you. 

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